Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mo' money

I have, largely out of vanity, signed up for Movember, whereby I'm supposed to grow a moustache and get sponsored lots of money for it, in order to fight cancer. I had initially intended my good deed for the month to be the Mini Miss Ireland competition, but the lassies from St. Pat's declined my help, on the spurious grounds that my appearance onstage in a bikini might spark riots in Copper's on Thursday night.

Truth is, I rather like having a mo'. A coat of arms for your face, as the website puts it. As arduous fundraisers go it's certainly not up there with running a marathon or appearing half-nude in front of a load of cops and farmers, but should you, Strangers from the Internet, feel so inclined as to stick something towards prostate cancer research my Mospace is here. If not, then see if you can identify me among this craftily constructed mo'saic (see what I did there?). I join some illustrious company, I can tell you. Super extra bonus kudos to anyone who can name all eleven of my moustachioed brethren.

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Catherine said...

Top right is Colm, right?

Conor said...

Great mo!

Rosie said...

nah, Catherine, he's second from the left on the bottom row.

emordino said...

Both wrong. I'm not on there at all, though my brother is. Here's a recent photo.

Conan Drumm said...

Ok: Yer Man; Eric Bana; Frank Zappa; Dennis Hopper; Andrew Armchancer; Tipof Mytongue; Whatsit Mario; Vaguely Unfamiliar; Nick Cave; Urrrrrrgh Myeyes; Nemesis Mario; Governor Whatsisname.

Kitty Cat said...

I love that Mario AND Wario made the cut. Illustrious company indeed.

Annie said...

Ron Jeremy is lookin' FIIIIIIINE.

Annie said...

I want to sponsor you €100. I will pay you when I see you.

John Braine said...

Ha, that's a great Mo. Didn't notice you there on first glance. Just saw a bunch of famous people. You should swish into Lillies and demand a vip area for you and your hollywood entourage.

John Braine said...
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Radge said...

Yourself and Chopper in a 'Separated At Birth' moment. Chilling.

Andrew said...

Catherine and Rosie - You're both wrong, I'm inclined to think Zappa bears an uncanny resemblance to Colm in that picture.
Jesus, this post is facebooky.

Conor - Cheers. Rumour has it you're not game?

Emordino - but you've linked to a picture of WaLuigi, not Wario. Stop getting nostalgia wrong!

Conan - A valiant effort, 7 out of 12. The missing ones were Felix Angel Gallardo (I found him by googling 'Mexican drug smuggler, because that is what i most look like now), Jason Lee from My Name is Earl and pretty much every Kevin Smith film, Australian cricketer Merv Hughes (who deserves legendary status for replying to English sledging of
"Why are you so fat, Merv?" with "Because every time I fuck your wife she gives me a biscuit." Then there's Ron Jeremy looking fabulous, and Hulk Hogan to finish.

Kitty Cat - Truth be told, I always kinda preferred Wario. Much better craic to drink whiskey with, I reckon.

Annie One - Isn't he just?

Annie Two - You lied. But I still love you.

John - I think I was once turned away from Lillies as a student on the one and only occasion I ever tried to go there. Don't know what the fuck I was thinking.

Radge - Aye, it's a little unnerving, isn't it? The missus insisted on takiing a photo with me smiling in it and this is what has come of it. Sullen from now on, once again.

Word verification: 'ponsin'. Brilliant.

Annie said...

Sorry, it was my friend Karl's website that had all the sponsorship.

I still want to sponsor you, but just €10. It was a typo.

Jo said...

Oh, nice mo'saic :)

And fab tashe!

There are two actors with tashes I adore, and they are Earl and Sam Elliot.