Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rock 'n' Rhiannon

Well, you may have enjoyed her adventures in America, you may have suffered through her misadventures in love, you may enjoy her carefully constructed observations on all kinds of things in life. But the Google chat I've just had with everyone's favourite Welshie, Annie Rhiannon , as she lolled around Rosie's flat watching daytime TV exposes her as the true ditz that she is. And reveals far more about my secret rock n' roll past than you ever wished to know.

annie.rhiannon: have you ever played bass in a band?

me: No
that's an odd question!

annie.rhiannon: yeah I know

because I told my friend that I have a crush on a guy because who used to play bass in a band and she said...
"Oh for GOODNESS sake Annie, EVERY boy once played bass in a band, it is the easiest instrument in the world, even I have once played bass in a band. Go on, ask the next boy you see if he ever played bass in a band."

me: ha
if I'd ever been in a band i would've played bass
or maybe tried to sing, but that would have had most unfortunate results

annie.rhiannon: I actually once played bass in a band myself

me: really?

annie.rhiannon: come to think of it
yes, i blogged about it so it must be true

me: heh, what were you called?


"dynamite", embarrassingly I don;t remember the name of the other band

me: nice post
i had one with my sister when i was seven
i was fucking brilliant at playing the tennis racquet

annie.rhiannon: hee

me: our song was called 'Wet and Hot', because it had been a sunny day, but rained a bit

annie.rhiannon: haha that is hilarious you have to blog about it
I'm actually "lolling"

me: we couldn't understand why our mum didn't like us singing about being wet and hot

my brother was supposed to be the drummer

but he was three, and less interested in getting on top of the Pops than we were

annie.rhiannon: haha

me: My mum got very embarrassed when i ran running into my sister ( who was trying to take a pee at the time) and shouted "Wet and Hot just got into the top ten!!"
if it had gone straight in at number one that would've been unrealistic

annie.rhiannon: haha
now i am lolling my pants

me: it kinda ended there, i think

we tried to lay it down in the studio but i felt that the bass was really taking away from my vocals

annie.rhiannon: "Wet and Hot"

me: If i blog about it i'll probably just be really lazy and cut and paste this
with your consent, obviously

annie.rhiannon: of course

but are you going to put my HAHAHAHAs in?
probably not a good idea

me: Not as articulate as you'd like to come across?

annie.rhiannon: not exactly

me: Just cos you're all good and proper at blogging...

I'm never gonna win an award, join me in my quest for mediocrity

yeah, the HAHAHAs are going in

i'm blowing you out of the water, Rhiannon

annie.rhiannon: hee, I look forward to it

I'm hitting "refresh" impatiently

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Annie said...


Darren said...

You made that all up. Annie would never be as inarticulate and ditsy as that. She's an intelligent woman who exudes eloquence in everything she does. She wouldn't be caught dead having a conversation like that. Least of all with you.

Annie said...

"because I told my friend that have a crush on a guy because who used to play bass in a band and she said"

I am genuinely embarrassed by that sentence. It's hard to write proper when you're horizontal on the sofa all day, though.

Jo said...

I'm jealous of one of you, but I'm not sure which one.

Andrew, did you go on to torment your mother with Bon Jovi album titles?

Lottie said...

So Annie really has a thing for musicians eh?

Don't worry Annie, I would never expose your google disclosures in such a heinous manner. :)

Andrew said...

Annie A - Quite.
And sorry for not editing that sentence a bit, i hadn't even noticed how dodgy it was. Mind you, that was kinda the point, I suppose.

Darren - I was as shocked as anyone, believe me.

Jo - Jealous, why? And 'Wet and Hot' isn't a Bon Jovi album title, you're thinking of 'Slippery when Wet'.

Lottie - Why ever not? She loves a bit of it.

Jo said...

I know, that's why I was sort of thinking you'd graduate to it...

Jealous, not really, but there's nothing like a good chat, that's all...

Radge said...

That post had everything Andrew. Mirth, greed, tears, sofas, laziness, jealousy. It was like an episode of Dallas, only completely different.

EW said...

He he! Is that how it really went down? Or have you edited?

I like the blog within a blog thing. Very deep.


Andrew said...

Radge - Was always more a of a Dynasty guy, myself. I look great in shoulder pads.

EW - well, I fixed the fact that I originally mis-spelt the word 'brilliant', but I think that's about it.
As for "blog within a blog", I'm confused. Is that what this is? I don't get it. I'm not all that bright, really.

B said...

I once played bass when there was another person banging drums and another playing a guitar, does that count?

I'm gonna put one of my googlechats up some day soon.

When I was 5 I wrote a song that ripped off the Happy Days tune and another which ripped off Bill Hayley... the lyric sheet of the latter is still in the house somewhere, references Budweiser.

Andrew said...

B - Yeah, i think that counts. As to whether or not it would be enough for Annie to fancy you, I couldn't say. Probably.
as for Budweiser, I think my palatte had become somewhat more discerning than that by the age of 5.

Annie said...

yeah it's enough