Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fibreglass Links

Leigh's Oscar sum-up. Useful to a curmudgeonly fucker like me who would never give up his sleepy time for an award ceremony of any kind.
I was very glad to see Slumdog Millionaire doing well. It had its flaws, but I can't think of a better film I've seen recently. And the scene on the train soundtracked by MIA's Paper Planes is just a glorious bit of cinema.

Madeley, a true polymath of our time, learns to play the banjo. Both Rob Brydon and Alan Titchmarsh have attempted to teach me the lute in the past, but it seems my fingers are too fat.

B will, apparently, pay you a tenner to violate his liver in the nastiest of ways.

Dan and Paul seem to be getting a little upset over some apparently nefarious goings-on at the blog awards. Glad it's not me attracting the ire of Mulley on Twitter and fuck-knows-what-else this time. That bitch has a sharp tongue. Dan's is particularly worth checking out just for the sight of Twenty getting embroiled in the most unbecoming of slanging matches. Gold.

And finally, I'd just like to congratulate my buddy Annie on winning Best Personal Blog last Saturday. She won it because hers is the best personal blog. If only all awards worked that way.

2 comment(s):

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Good roundup Andrew, you have saved me from frittering my dole-time wastefully on jiggling round the interweb. Thanks.

Annie said...

Thank you Andrew! <3