Saturday, April 18, 2009

Now she's a little boy in Spain, playing pianos filled with flames

It's been a while now since I've been tagged with any kind of a meme. Normally anyone who does do this to me deserves to be kicked up the hole with a pair of size 15 hobnails. But when the man who tags you is Blazing, one of the true gentlemen of the blogosphere, it'd be rude not to.

The rules of this particular meme are:

1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog.
2) Write the rules.
3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you.
4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly.
5) Alert the persons that you tagged them.

I'm inclined to think that my blog is already all too full of information of no real importance about me, but I'll fire away anyway with some tasty nuggets y'all may not be aware of.

1. I once bumped into former US secretary of State Madeleine Albright outside Dino's Takeaway in Athboy, Co. Meath. We had an illuminating chat about the impact of leopards upon coastal erosion. Minimal, apparently.

2. I auditioned for one of the leading roles in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution. I was turned down for being "excessively lustful, not cautious enough." Yeah, Ang, and The Hulk sucked.

3. When I leave the house with either no boxers or no socks on I like to imagine I'm a pornstar.

4. When I'm playing Football Manager I occasionally fantasise that my peripheral, squad rotation players are slightly attracted to me. But only in a way they can't quite comprehend.

5. I have a paralysing fear of starfish.

6. I devoted the entirety of the middle seventeen years of my life to perfecting the formula for barbeque sauce flavoured candyfloss.

7. I believe 7 to be an infinitely superior number to 6. You know the way there's 7 days in a week? I came up with that.

Now, the shitty part: Tagging.

1. Darren. Because he needs to stop pretending he works for Empire magazine and get back to his own blog.

2. Meadow. Because she's new enough to this game to probably never have been tagged before. And why worry about jobs when there are memes to be done.

3. Radge. Because it will annoy him but he could make it very funny.

4. Colm. For precisely the same reason.

5. Uncle Dick. The possibilities are endless.

6.Green of Eye. Because she might use nice pictures to illustrate it.

The option to tell me to go fuck myself remains, as ever, a viable and appealing option.

16 comment(s):

B said...

Did you not say you hated Neutral Milk Hotel?

Number 4 has helped me dislike FM2009 a little bit more, I might be able to stop playing soon, my team is simply too good(Marquinhos, Mattock, Fleck, Beevers and selling amazing youngsters constantly at huge profits to buy in new batches has made me invincible... arrogant enough to always play 4-2-4).

Andrew said...

I never said anything of the sort, B, I like them very much and used another lyric of theirs as a title only a few weeks ago.

I've no idea who those players you mentioned are, I play the 2005 version (I got it for a euro in a closing down sale at Zavvi). i pretty much play 4-2-4 as well, but haven't managed to win a whole lot yet. The thing to do is just jack it all in and change clubs once you've made your team invincible.

Jo said...

Ah, nice work, barefoot pornstar.

They'd make you wax your toes, you know.

So where's your Xfactor rant? My legions of readers will be flocking over here looking for your masculine take on the whole thing shortly, no doubt.

Andrew said...

Jo, giz a little time on that, will ya? It's 2am and I'm squiffy. It's been a week of squiffiness round here.

how did you know about my hairy toes?

B said...

I defintiely remember some decemberists chat thing here

I never switch teams, with all the regens and all about, it's more fun to just restart... or switch to international management and watch time fly.

Is moukoko still amazing on 2005?

Jo said...

I have no idea what anything B just said means.

Andrew: I would haveput money on it.

Radge said...


I hope the missus gave you a nice round slap for this one, lover of memes that she is.

I'll play your game.

Meadow said...

It's my first time. I'm a'scared!

But it'll look great on my CV.

Andrew said...

B - good memory! Nearly a year ago i wrote a post mentioning the decemberists, and you said they sound like NMH. I said I'd never listened to NMH. I've since rectified that problem.

Jo - I rarely know what he's talking about.

Radge - I was tempted to tag her but i fear some scars never heal.

Good man.

Meadow - It can hurt a little at first, but the you get to like...
I'm going to stop that now.

And yes, the ability to play well with others is looked upon favourably in the current economic climate. Or so I'm told.

B said...

jo: the words are right i think

andy: I'm very good at remembering important things like that

andy to jo: but it always has logic, logic makes sense

Jo said...

B, they were right, just foreign to me!

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Am i being a party pooper by not joining in? :P

I'm not a big memes fan. I ran in terror at the 25 things about me that was doing the rounds on facebook.

Andrew said...

Green of eye - I'd run in terror from everything on facebook, 'cept I'm not on it. You're no party-pooper, just an atrocious guttersnipe.

Mind you, this one seems to be really getting around, there were certainly more take-ups on my tags than i expected.

B said...

jo: you need to get a fm then, they're very cheap once theyre old and will be like a cheap cocaine without the good bit whatever it is

Unknown said...

I love N.M.H. x A

Anonymous said...

This phrase is simply matchless ;)