Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seasonally disaffected

I've always found bin day slightly depressing. There's something about sad little black sacks of rubbish sitting on the street waiting to be picked up that gets to me. And it's on Tuesday around here, and Tuesdays are notoriously crap anyway. Bin day on a pissing wet Tuesday is even worse, my heart sinks for the binmen who have to pick up these sodden sacks, rendered several litres heavier by those who don't tie up the sack properly.
And there was something very, very shitty about driving the girlfirend's car back from the car dentist (where it must presumably have received a crown, two fillings and a nice little handjob, if the price is right) and seeing the contents of a ripped bag strewn all over Mountpleasant Avenue. Human detritus all over the place, wet.

2 comment(s):

Rosie said...

i wrote a poem about it once:

Rathmines On Bin Day
is very very smelly.

is it a haiku? i'm too lazy to count the syllabubs.

Andrew said...

Nope, you're on track for one but you need a closing line of 5 syllables.
Something profound and confusing like "Prometheus weeps"