Friday, May 7, 2010


and moreso
that they think it feels it flows it harps it hurts it flanges about every way
isn't and
writhing everything preordained preordained small means of mens drool by shooting solipses it snot like this is going to tell you anything you so far alone you so
light up you sized up you
other ways
andmeansandends kwakkrak
elegiac notwithstanding
verisimilitude templates
eating disorders
yog-urt yo-gurt
hinges on
gurning getting or not being

4 comment(s):

Jo said...

Tryin' somethin' there, eh?
Quite the baby James Joyce!

Blazing said...

Ah, the old Japanese 'cut words out and rearrange them' technique eh? going try I'm to that...

Andrew said...

Allusions to Joyce and Japanese poets are far more than I expected for this post. It was just my way of trying to capture how stresed and confused my brain gets when it's been deprived of sleep. The 7 in the title refers to the number of hours I'd slept in the previous 60 or so.

But Jo, if your pal Declan Kiberd wishes to write a book about me let him know I'm all on for that.

Jo said...

'Chancing and Prancing: Deconstructing the Effulgent and Fervent Blog Posts of Andrew.'