Thursday, February 24, 2011

You could have it so much better

People I would want as Taoiseach even less than Enda Kenny:

Idi Amin
Yahoo Serious
Bertie Ahern
Pol Pot
Tony Blair

And that is all.

I want to tell you all about my fuckin' deadly trip to New York that I'm not long back from, but it seems easier to get over this psychosis-inducing jetlag (which, this time round, featured me growling at carrots for quite a while in Fresh, before suffering an unprecedented level of fear of the teenage skangers in the chipper) and move past this headfuck of an election first. If you're still a little unsure as to which of the horrible parties to go for, this yoke is vaguely helpful. Turns out I'm almost a raging Shinner, 'cept that site omits to ask useful questions like "Are you mad into blowing shit up?" and "Do you hate yourself for being a Proddy?"

3 comment(s):

Kitty Catastrophe said...

That Votomatic thing has given everyone I know the exact same result and it's always Sinn Féin. SUSPICIOUS says I. Looking forward to hearing about New York.

Seanboy said...

Barry Egan would be the worst of the lot. On the plus side he is such an obnoxious little sh*t that the revolution wouldnt be long in coming. The people could hang him from a crane a la Iran and use his corpse as a pinata.
Hope you had a good time in NY.

Andrew said...

Kitty Cat - Same here, except for one bloke I know who came out as a rabid Blueshirt. I shan't speak to him any more.
Guess I'm obliged to write something about New York now I've said that. But the Empire State triggered nasty viral vertigo in Rosie and we're also about to adopt a kitty, so it might have to wait a while longer yet.

Seán - Heh, I love the idea of doing that to the little bollix. I saw some bloke who looked like him in Dunnes today and my fist started automatically clenching.