Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am on the bus home and I am tired, though not as tired as I had been. Four weeks on from a fortnight of doing fuck all in the French Alps and I am still feeling somewhat restored. There were three months of waking up feeling bleached and sedated prior to that. I don't know why.

I'm on the 46A back to our new house in Stoneybatter, where Rosie and Biscuit purr at the spaciousness of it all. After two years in our Portobello basement flat I'm still blinking like a mole in the light. I like to potter up the spiral staircase to the converted attic. I have notions of properly learning to play guitar there, high and obscure where no-one else would have to suffer my noodlings. Mostly, though, I just go up there and stick my head out of the skylight and across the city. I can see the Spire and the Pigeon Houses at Poolbeg. And churches.* Didn't you have to feel impressed by Enda Kenny for once? Every dog has his day.

We are one year married on Friday. I've tried not to be smug for the last year, but even the constant question of "when are you having a baby?" hasn't stopped me. I've been asked it on this bus. Everyone is so very concerned with filling up this world of killing rampages and phone hacking. I swear all there is for them is X Factor and procreation. We'll keep at it (so to speak) but if there is to be no baby for Rosie and I that will be alright too. Partly because it will have to be, but mostly because it will.

Give me your hands cos you're wonderful.


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Jo said...

Well, there's nothing like looking out over a city to make you wonder what's really going under under all the rooftops. The segue works well enough :)

This recent killing rampage is a hard one to swallow, alright. And the famine.

You're not wrong.

Radge said...

'I swear all there is for them is X Factor and procreation.'

I wish I had that line for my own.

Andrew said...

Jo - Aye, the famine too. I think the only reason I didn't mention it was because, unlike the other two, it doesn't come as any sort of surprise.

Radge - Thanks, you're a gent. Though I can't help wishing that line wasn't mine.

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Happy anniversary you deadly pair. I might see you on the 46a one of these days, as I'm known to frequent it when I'm too lazy to walk to work.

Christine Donovan said...

Thank you for your very kind comment about my post Andrew, and happy wedding anniversary. I had a laissez faire attitude to having children and now I've got a houseful.

KFS said...

Kitty Cat nailed it there, youse gotta chillax about them sprogs. Took me more than two years to knock herself up, and then did it again by accident 18 months later. Its like the cat in the box with the poison and the radioactive isotope, dig?
Also, no knuckle shuffling - thats the golden rule right there.

Andrew said...

Kitty Cat - You might indeed. Though I'm more of a 37/39 man, truth be told. Whatever turns up first on Suffolk street. Do say hello if you see me.

Christine - Cheers. You might be right, though we do seem to be in a position where we need to be proactive.

KFS - I had to google that stuff about the radioactive cat and the isotope. I'd heard of Schrodinger's cat before but, in all honesty, I still don't get it.
Also, I'm gonna pretend I didn't understand the bit where you told me to stop fiddling with myself too.

That's just asking way too much.

Tessa said...

Happy, happy anniversary to both of you!

As to the segue - first time in my long life that I can remember being proud of an Irish politician, when the boul' Enda gave Ratzinger et al a bollicking!

Andrew said...

Cheers, Tessa. A rare moment of pride in an irish politician, alright. Did you know that Bertie was off giving lectures to the Nigerian parliament on how to run an economy back in April? $40,000 a throw, apparently.