Tuesday, September 20, 2011

you, me, we'll work it out!

Latest aborted posts:

One about 9/11, with added eastern Europeans and infidelity. And sliced pan.

One about our cat that was somehow supposed to move seamlessly into a poignant meditation on the Zanzibar ferry disaster. There were seams.

One where I pondered whether I cared more about 9/11, the Zanzibar ferry disaster, the cat, or eastern Europeans.

One on why it might be OK to be a little bit of a racist.

One about why I hate seeing my brother suffering through a break-up. Turns out it's for much the same reasons as everyone else hates seeing their brother suffering through a break-up.

One in which I declare my candidacy for the Irish presidency (initially planned back in the days when Bertie made noises about running, but revived by the notion of Martin 'you only think I'm a cunt of a terrorist because you're a cunt of a west Brit' McGuinness now being in the running. The little cunt of a terrorist. (If he's feeling litigious, I totally got hacked, right?)

One where I ruminated on the very nature of confidence, only to realise that I entirely lacked the ability to write it.

6 comment(s):

Jo said...

Nice posts.

Andrew said...

Yes, I firmly believe that every single one of them could've saved the world.

I forgot to mention the one about Spanish teenagers, magic mushrooms and a gnome.

Tessa said...

Dammit, Andrew, you'd have made an old woman happy if you'd bothered your arse to write the one about the little cunt of a terrorist. (My comment totally got hacked too.)

Conan Drumm said...

Having a memory may become a liability after the Presidential election.

Andrew said...

Tessa - That's the thing, it was intended to be all about Bertie, rather than McCuntiness. I imagine for anyone who left this country a good while ago it must be entirely galling to see him as a presidential candidate. One or two of us still here are galled by it too.

Conan - Exactly. Anyone over the age of 24 or thereabouts should recall what exactly it is that he and his ilk really stand for.

Annie said...

Can we have 6, 5, 4, and 7, in that order please?

Sorry for putting my request in so late, I've been all over the shop. If you could get cracking ASAP though. Thanks.