Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October, quickly

I turned 30, I went to Edinburgh, I listened to the taxi driver banging on authoritatively on the way to the airport about how Edinburgh had been bombed to the ground during the war, though this was patently untrue.
I drank a lot of whisky, I drank a lot of whiskey, I hated football and preferred rugby, I hated rugby and preferred football, I came in a cup, I bonded with my new almost-niece, I thought about the meaning of legacy.
I disturbed myself by enjoying the Qathafy* videos, I shuddered at every sight of Martin McGuinness, I did a bit of yoga, I felt better for it.
I saw Drive, I wondered what was wrong with the people who didn't like it, I didn't read much I liked, I saw dEUS, I  rocked out gently whilst discovering whole new ways to hate Ticketmaster.
I felt I had to seek out my own information on the referenda, I remained unsure, I retained a healthy distrust for anything the government try to sneak through, I wondered whether the torrential rain and flooding was all just another cunning plan to kill Dana. I then remembered that she may be one of the few remaining people who entirely believes that what we call 'an act of God' really is an act of God. The floods were really only meant for the gays and the abortionists. I realised everyone would vote in a Fianna Fáiler reality TV star anyway.
I resented the impending time change, looked forward to November anyway, I vowed to write something proper then, or at least indulge in such frippery more regularly.

*There are about 150 different ways to transliterate that name, which makes me wonder why people got so vexed by the Irish Times plumping for 'Gadafy'. My Arabic speaking students tend to say that the way I've used is how they would write it. You would be wrong to quibble with them on this.

4 comment(s):

Jo said...

Well, this is a nice overview, I hope you do more of them. There's a nice rhythm to it.

Andrew said...

Thanks, Jo. I had a Colum McCann short story called 'Aisling' in mind, but now that I look at it again I realise that the rhythm of mine isn't really remotely like it at all. Following in a long tradition I have of trying to rip off someone else's style and falling horribly short.

Jo said...

Or making something new, silly boy.

Kitty Catastrophe said...

I didn't like Drive. There was a lot in it that I did like, but overall I found it unbearably slow. Also, I second Jo's motion for more of these overview type posts. And Ticketmaster are utter gowls at the best of times.