Monday, November 7, 2011

What Others Were Feeling Like Today #17


One wonders how a nation's intelligence resists the radio. Moreover, it does not resist. The radio is a faucet of foolishness. The only thing I can bear listening to is the sports reporting. The high-speed precision of the speakers. They are forbidden stupidity. Which exists only in the fact that some men are kicking a ball around a field and the whole world is excited by the fact.

Cesare Pavese

It's been over a year since I put one of these posts up, and the previous entry was also from Cesare Pavese (whom I had never heard of before). One can only assume that sixty years ago Cesare and his contemporaries didn't have to suffer through the phenomenon known as 'the co-commentator'. Driving home the other day I caught the end of Liverpool v Swansea City on Today FM. As the home side pushed for a winner Dirk Kuyt thought he had scored, only for it to be ruled out by the offside flag. "Ooooooohhh, I don't know about that," piped up Ronnie Whelan " and it's the female official over the far side, too, so let's just see if she's got it right."

She had, though that is neither here nor there. Being female is not an obstacle to understanding the offside rule, having it explained to you by someone who doesn't understand it either, is. I can forgiven the flagrant abuse of grammar and meaning by football pundits, we've all got used to it. But the sexism makes me squirm for you, Ronnie, you faucet of foolishness.

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Jo said...

Bless you.

Radge said...

I can't take seriously the witterings of a man who regularly says things like, "he's gave it."

Andrew said...

Jo - Thank you. I'm only sorry that the anti-room never asked me to write for them. they obviously don't take equal opportunities as seriously as I do.

Radge - A quick googling of 'stupid Ronnie Whelan quotes' threw up this gem, (allegedly) from his autobiography: "The club gave me a free Ferrari, but it was red and I wanted one in grey to match my underpants. I was unhappy."

emordino said...

That Ferrari quote, if genuine, rates at a whopping 8.9 Alan Partridges.