Tuesday, February 21, 2012

äppärät yeah!

Chancing My Arm is now available to all my readers in snazzy mobile device form! Everyone else has had their blog available in this format for fucking ages, you say! I know! But I'm still excited! I'm even writing this post on a mobile device! I'm so modern I'm next week! Back soon with a post about depression! If I can be ringed!

4 comment(s):

Sinéad said...

That's a lorra exclamation marks! Nice to see a post from you ;)

Radge said...

Smartphones me bollix. My phone is decidedly thick.

emordino said...

I'm commenting because you've read that book that I've read. Yaaaaaaay

Andrew said...

Sinéad - 'Tis yourself! The exclamation marks were some kind of attempt to be withering about the way people communicate these days. Turns out it's impossible to use exclmation marks and be withering!

Radge - Since reading 'Super Sad true Love Story' by Gary Shteyngart (the book to which young Emordino refers), I find it impossible to think of my phone as anything other than an äppärät, a pernicious future form of the smartphone that runs and ruins everyone's lives for them.

Emordino - Any thoughts on it? I've been meaning to write a review but, y'know, ffkwaaa.
In short, I felt it was stodgy in parts but it accomplished exactly what it intended to in scaring the bollocks off me.

Also, any fans of early Suede who want to pick up on the other reference in the title?