Thursday, January 16, 2014

we are hummingbirds who've lost the plot and we will not move

"What are you doing out there?" asks Biscuit, his face pressed to the glass door, eyes wide and tail a-wag. "I never know what you're doing."
"I am smoking, Biscuit."
"You don't smoke any more. You run. You read books and cuddle me. You drink rooibos tea and you stockpile whiskey that you barely even touch now.You're a total athlete, Daddy."
"We had a difficult day, your mum and I."
"You shouldn't call her my mum, she doesn't like it. She says she can't be my mum because I'm a cat."
"I know, but it amuses me. We were in the clinic earlier, talking to the doctor about how to make something that's allowed call us mum and dad in front of real people without it being socially awkward. Apparently Daddy has super sperm, that's what the doctor said. She actually used those words. I thought Mummy had asked her to, while I was out of the room, because I'd been so underwhelmed the last time when they just told me my sperm was 'fine.' But no, I've cracking motility and all that. Daddy needs affirmation, sometimes."
"I like it when you call yourself my daddy."
"I know you do, you silly fat fuck. Apparently I produced lots of semen, too. Way more than normal, she said. Imagine if I hadn't missed the cup with the first go and spunked half of it on the floor? Front page of Metro, I reckon."
"You're a top-class wanker, Daddy. But I don't really know what semen is. You had me snipped."
"No harm, pal, no harm. The doctor said I'm off the hook, what with the super sperm and all. That's what she said. I don't think doctors know how relationships work, Biscuit. Your mum will take medicine that will fuck her head up a bit, and have nasty scans, then take other medicine that will fuck her head up in different ways. And I'll try not to be an inconsiderate prick while she's doing it. That's my job."
"She'd rather be a mam than a mum. She says only you Protestants have mums."
"I know, gobshite, that's part of the joke."
"Can I keep being an inconsiderate prick? Will you come in now and rub my belly?"
"Yeah, giz a sec."

5 comment(s):

Jo said...

Congrats on the supersperm. I hope it lives up to its invincibility, though.

Catholics say 'mum' too, although they kind of make more 'mom' like. Not American sounding, same scan as 'mum' but with an 'o' sound.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the healthy jizz. Really hoping it all works out for you both, thinking of you.

Tessa said...

I hope it all works out for you. When it does, bear in mind that the first 15 years are the worst ... (If I ever write a book, I'm definitely getting you to come up with the title!)

Jo said...

Glad to see that you're posting again. I enjoy your writing.

Andrew said...

My apologies on being so slow to respond to your nice comments, good people, I very much appreciate your good wishes and the mere fact of people taking the time to read and to say anything at all.
Tessa, I'm ashamed to admit that there is rarely even a hint of originality in my post titles, I just nick lyrics from any song that I've been listening to lately that feels like it has even the most tangential connection to what I've written.