Friday, June 13, 2014

he's gave it away cheap there

The World Cup just started. You may have noticed. I stuck on Brazil v. Croatia, because that's what you do, isn't it? There were goals - a couple of them decent, lots of men worrying about what percentage of their country's population will want to fuck them/buy their boots/drink their soft drinks after the match had finished, refereeing controversy, and people who managed to separate themselves from the utter euphoria of it all just long enough to rattle off a few selfies. Football, like.

I've watched a lot of football for a long time now and I kinda find it harder and harder to give a shit about the World Cup. I peered over the top of my laptop at the second half, more engrossed in anything else. Most people don't give a shit about the World Cup, really. That's why we come up with more and more elaborate fantasy leagues, predictions games and pools. Few quid resting on things will keep you watching. Gerry the janitor says Japan are the ones to put money on, as the Japs don't do anything by halves. I'm tipping the Germans myself, in a more pragmatic (racist) extension of his logic.

Christ, those keepers. Did you see those keepers? Wouldn't make it into any Premier League team, would they? My dead granny would've stopped that. England - Italy on Saturday. Multo CarlingSambucas there, lads. Only way. Won't like the heat, though, won't like the heat.

Qatar 2022. Fucking desert there, it is. Air-conditioned stadiums. Expanding markets. Great potential. Few brown envelopes. Sour grapes, and that. Jumpers for goalposts. Couple of thousand dead Nepalese, give or take. I don't know, Bill. Doesn't track back, Bill. Massive ego, Bill. Renard's jacks, Bill. Dollar bill, Bill. Can't write the South Americans off. Love it.

We had a good journey back from Bristol airport the other week. Champions' League Final was on at the bar, but I as distracted by the presence of Johnny Vegas. I'd telly you the story but I can't do his accent here. Ask me about it some time. Or don't. I've kinda built it up a bit now.Taxi driver back in Dublin had plenty to say about One Direction, and the traffic that came with them. Didn't say he minded. I asked him if he knew what the final score of the match had been. He said it was a draw. I said it can't have been a draw, it's the final. He said he'd heard that alright, that that was the last time they were doing the Champions' League, that this was the final match. He wasn't being funny. I liked him. One Direction cost us an extra tenner in the fare. Pricks.

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