Monday, May 12, 2008

A new blogger talks about blogging

Right then, as someone new to this I want to talk about why I think it's worthwhile.First and foremost, I am not an internet geek. I don't play online games, don't know html, am not on first name terms with Tech support at Google and don't even know how to use Twitter (though no doubt I will learn at some stage). I can't even type very quickly.But I recognise that the internet is now the medium people use when they want bang-up-to-date info, and a place where one's opinion can be expressed completely independently, without censorship and without an agenda. I am sick to death of reading articles in magazines and newspapers that are adverts in disguise. If I ever refer to products or brands that I like on this blog you can rest assured that it will be simply because I like them, not because anyone is making it worth my while to do so.
What I like about blogging is that I think most people share this approach. Ireland has a small but lively blogging community at the moment, where a lot of the same names appear as links on different pages, and also as commenters.I think its natural that the Irish would take to blogging, as its in our psyche to pontificate at length on all the goings-on around us. Perhaps blogging will save an entire generation from alcoholism, as our need to be the wise old wag at the bar is removed.

So, what should be expected from this blog? Well, it will undoubtedly be more private in nature than some blogs - partly due to my nature and partly due to my job (a teacher).I'm unlikely to post pictures of myself, or to go into too much depth about my life. I admire blogs where people lay everything out in the open, its jsut not for me. But I will hopefully give a pretty good sense of myself anyway, as my opinions will always be honest and without much restraint. I hope some people will find it funny, I like to think that I am. I will talk about things, places, people, music, movies, websites etc that I like, and will try to welcome those who disagree with me.

And I will keep popping up on other blogs, if only to shamelessly shepherd people towards me.

5 comment(s):

Darragh said...

Excellent :)

As I said, look forward to reading more!

Andrew said...

Bloody hell you're quick Darragh. have something else I want to rant about so might even get another one out today, work permitting.

Darren said...

You're right when you say it's suited to us Irish. We're talkers and social animals. Blogging can be seen as the online equivalent of listening to a good story down the local pub.

Keep it up, boyo!

MJ said...

Deadly stuff! You seem to have commenced blogging a matter of weeks after me, but you have comments - and a much better designed blog! Go you. Perhaps mine is a little too idealistic?

Andrew said...

thanks MJ! I see nothing wrong at all with the layout of your blog. I've been very lucky to have received support from both people I already knew and other bloggers who are influential. I guess i can only suggest that you draw on the support of real-life friends who might be interested in your page and spread your link around by commenting on other people's blogs and even go so far as to explicitly metion that you'd love other people to visit your page. Good luck, and thanks again for the feedback.