Friday, May 23, 2008

Things I Learnt from Bruce Springsteen

1. Aiken Promotions/ The RDS couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery. All tickets for the concert were printed with a specific colour-coded 'route' on them. The RDS is a big fucking place and yet I saw only one sign outside giving any indication as to which route was which. Most people were having to ask the Guards where they should be going and that isn't really their job. Queues were a shambles, with very few barriers, very few indications of what exactly one was queueing for, and even less of a security presence. Presumably the fact that the place was only half-full at 7.30, when the show was scheduled to start, is the reason why it didn't actually begin until 8.10.

2. Bruce doesn't need a support act. This man rocks so hard and so long that he just warms you up for an hour before really kicking into the show for the next hour and a half.

3. The sight of Bruce straddling his mike stand and hanging backwards off it like a poledancer can do surprising things to an otherwise heterosexual man.

4. The E Street Band contains many of the coolest people on earth. None more so than Clarence.

5. Bruce is 58. I will have a heart attack within 3 minutes if I try to do what he does when I am 58. I would have one within 7 minutes if I tried to do it now.

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Darren said...

lol - So, you enjoyed the concert at least?