Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fibreglass Links/Sunday soliloquy

Christ, my blog looks like a child has vomited on it. That's where Saturday idling brought me and i have yet to have the inclination to clean it up.

Anyway, it appears to have been a week of marriage talk. First Darren was on about it, while Grannymar soon responded in her own very elegant way. Then i discovered that the Anti-Room folks were on the topic too. Of course, I did it way before either of them (and by checking up on it I've just seen two comments I had never read before. This is how on top of things I am. Sorry John and Morgor). And finally, at a par-tay on Friday Ms. Invisible Toast announced her engagement. It's an unusual situation but she's an unusual lady, and I know that all her friends wish her every happiness.

Sinful Origami Paper is the best new blog i've read in long time. I'm not linking to any one particular post because there's only a few so far and they're all very much worth reading.

Little Miss talks about inspiration. This is not a particularly new post but it is worth reading.

My dear cousin tampers with the classics, with promising results. Let her know what you think.

Fans attending England's match against Kazakhstan yesterday were forbidden to wear the 'mankini', striking a devastating blow against humour. England ended up winning 5-1, which was probably far more offensive to the Kazakhs than a few lads wearing neon dental floss over their rectums.

Oh, and after my whining post about my birthday, the card arrived from the chiropractor after all. Bastards.

3 comment(s):

Darren said...

Love the new header image. Very 'you'!

Andrew said...

Child-like and awkward? Yes, i like to think so.

Anonymous said...

It's far better than mine Andrew which I'm now thinking is a little serious and arty and po faced. Perhaps time for a change.

Thank you for the endorsement, I'm flabbergasted that people are reading but very flattered.