Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ah I should be drunk by this stage.

Yet i really don't much like getting drunk any more.

What's with that?

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B said...

its probly cos yuo've becam ea pioneer!!

Rosie said...

whereas B, i suspect, has not.

Anonymous said...

i've never met someone with such an interest in plumbing and the workings of the digestive system of the bearded dragon.
Good times, happy times.

Andrew said...

B - I'm gonna share Rosie's suspicions on this one.

Ben - 'twas an absolute pleasure. You sleepy bastard. Relaxing times, Suntory time. Coming up next, I'd imagine. And feckin' Lottie nicked your tenner for those smokes, I wasn't keeping it.

Lottie said...

I did not nick it! I merely held it for safe keeping. RP now has it as Ben didn't appear to want to take it back - apparently he's so super rich that money no longer has any meaning to him.

We are meeting later in the week to discuss how the money can be best put to use to help humanity and possibly tackle climate change.

But what has that to do with radiator?