Sunday, November 16, 2008

For the sake of it

Christ, a week since I've posted. Six months of blogging now and I don't think I've ever left a gap that long. I'm alright though, I did write posts on both Friday and Saturday that took fucking ages, only for Buddha, Vishnu, Chuck Norris, Jesus and Blogger to conspire against me and delete both posts. Three hours or more worth of writing gone in a couple of singular moments of dimness. Devastating.

Thing is, I wanted to recount the story of how Rufus Sewell had shot me in the balls with an arrow during the week (you know who Rufus Sewell is, you just need this link to remind you). And that's got to be a tale worth hearing. But, it's Sunday evening and I really haven't the heart to dig up that kind of trauma again. Turns out it was eerily prescient too, but that's another story for another time. For now I'm just saying that I'm alive and cheerful.

In the interim, you stay classy, San Diego. And if you see that smug Rufus Sewell prick about the place tell him I haven't forgotten, he's not all that, he can expect an invoice from my doctor any day now, and I'm still considering legal action. The bastard.

5 comment(s):

Darragh said...

Seriously I do want to know now how Sewell shot you and why. Don't leave us hanging for too long, d'ye hear?

(If I see him, I'll tell him).

Andrew said...

Darragh - It might have occurred in a dream. Hardly the point though, he's a cunt for doing it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Was just thinking about my own hiatus in posting which I have since posted about, before visiting here. Seems to be widespread. Kind of!

And yes Rufus Sewell is a pox!

Andrew said...

Did he shoot you in the testicles too, narocroc? Do you just not like him? Or are you being charmingly protective of my scrotum?

Anonymous said...

All of the above Andrew. Except maybe the one about the testicles. And possibly the one about your scrotum!