Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If things don't get better from now on it's all just going to become laughably morose around here and, let's face it, no-one wants that.

The time is going to have to come soon enough when I step out of this funk.
When I want to do something more than sleep all the time.
When I crease up with laughter again.
When I start doing properly the things I am paid to do and the things I'm paying to do.
When I start offering myself fully again to the people who mmight need me, or even like me to be there.
When I remember what it is that those people like about me.
When I write again as I'd like to, not fearing every word I put down. Not intimidated by those who are better than me.
When i don't feel the need to write posts like this any more.

I could even try and make it today.

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She Likes It Loud said...

Yeah! Where the fuck have you been? I thought you were going to write a Santa series or something to that effect? I get ya though, I haven't written much these days cuz I'm so pissy. So I write about that sometimes. Hardly anyone reads mine so wtf not? Do it for you.

Anneelicious said...

But that's what blogs are for! vent away. I'd vent on mine but I don't have enough sad vocabulary and I don't do serious very well.

Hope ya feel better soon though, just for your own sake :(

Andrew said...

SLIL - Hey. I've been around, just a bit quiet. In the aftermath of a break-up you can either pour everything out into the public domain (which i was never gonna do, or keep a low profile.
About the Santa posts, I have the 2nd one pretty much written, I'm just not very happy with the way it reads. When i've got it in a way that doesn't bore me i'll put it up.

Annie - yeah, they are, but it doesn't make for very good reading for anyone else. if you feel like venting though you should just do it.
And thanks.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

yo andrew,

perversely i love reading other people's vents and insecurities...makes me feel more human, which is always welcome (sad cunt that i am).

i'd say keep it up but don't i wouldn't want you to headfuck yourself for the sake of bloggery...

a very sincere *take care of yourself*

Andrew said...

Cheers Sarah.
I'll no doubt continue to headfuck myself in all kinds of ways, though it's best if i keep it to a minimum here. 'preciate the concern.

Anonymous said...

It'll happen one day when you least expect it Andrew, just as it did for me. We'll all hang around having a fag at the corner, waiting until then.

B said...

aarrrrggggghhhhh blogs aren't for a f*cking thing, there's no set purpose!

Cycles Goff said...

This is the best kind of post.

I'm only saying that because I can't do anything else.

Andrew said...

Gray - sounds good, see you on the corner.

B - your consistent asteriskisation of 'fucking' is beyond charming.

Gimme well, yeah, but that's not really true, is it?

B said...

The adoration of the word c*nt made me decide to do that. It's not a censorship thing, moreso an anti-"anti-censorship" thing.

...but in other people's comment boxes it's just politeness, some people don't want swearing on their site and whatnot.

Is asterickisation a word? It kinda rules.

Andrew said...

It is now.

Jo said...

This is the only kind of post I tend to write. Lists. Self improvement/flagellation. Oh yes. Where it's at.

Didn't know about your breakup. Our mutual friends are too discreet, where is all the blogger gossip?

Sorry to hear that. Words of encouragement.