Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mtoto mtundu sana

I made one of my brief visits home last night, as I do about once a week, or so. Stuff has been weighing a little heavier than usual the last few days so it seemed a good place to be. Having suffered the latest indignities that my beloved Arsenal had brought to my life I decided to right some football worngs by staying up til about 1.30 in the morning playing Pro-Evolution Soccer 6 on the Playstation with The Bro.
Wandering, shivering and cranky into the kitchen in the morning, I greeted my mum and said, "It is beyond me why I stayed up so late last night."
"It's beyond me too", she replied, "you're an eejit."
"Sure you're only young and foolish once, aren't you?" I smiled.
"Yes, but honey, you're 27."

Ah. Right.

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Sarah Gostrangely said...

He he.

Way to self-medicate re: Arsenal disappointment...will they ever return to former glory? Not without that ride Henri I think.

At least you're family don't have bets on as to when you or your 30 yr old brother will finally settle down.

My money's on the bro. He's got a job.

Andrew said...

That ride Henry is somewhat tired out these days, I fear. I'd take him back though, if only for the way he used to hold me.

My money's on your bro too. Largely based on him having a job and being called The Bro. Which, oddly enough, is my brother's name too.

Darren said...

Stop reminding me how old we are.

Have you seen Maxi's post today? :D

Jo said...

27. Pff. Wait til 32 to feel old. Still in Twenties is fine.

Helen said...

I believe Jay-Z once said that 30's the new 20 so you're practically a need to worry at all at all.

Andrew said...

Darren - Yes, I saw Maxi's post! Why hte fuck did you put NSFW! all oer it and then recommend it to me while I was in work? Fortunately there was no-one behind me when i opened his page.
He's something of a twisted genius, it must be said.

Jo and Helen - I'm not too concerned about being old, just the idea of it no longer being appropriate for me to while away hours and hours doing nothing productive and not sleeping.

red said...

27 is plenty young. plenty.

Andrew said...

Red - Thanks for the reassurance. It's plenty old for staying up late playing computer games, though.

Anonymous said...

prepare for a pasting on Sunday!

Andrew said...

Roy - I was going to wait until after the match to leave either a sneering comment in victory or a gracious concession in defeat. But that wouldn't be very brave at all.
So I'll go out on a limb and say that my boys are definitely not gonna be pasted, though I'm not overly confident either. Quite possibly a draw, which would be a far better result for the Car-Thieves than for the glorious Gunners.