Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mean thoughts I had about a girl I thought looked mean

You might very well be attractive
but your hair
and your skin
look like the same mandarin

You might still be a lovely person,
but the look on your face says otherwise
I think you trample on butterflies

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Sarah Gostrangely said...

Beautiful poem Andrew.

You mean she had a shovel-face?

Andrew said...


It wasn't a shovel-face, she was just one of those people who gives you the willies for some reason.

Like Ryan Tubridy, but oranger.

Anonymous said...

Trampling on butterflies sounds like a bloody difficult thing to do.

Rosie said...

depends on what you've stuck them to, Eli.

Anonymous said...

I actually really like that wee poem. It's very honest.

Jo said...

It's the 'I thought looked mean' that gets to me.

She might have been a shy and standoffish (orangish) Florence Nightengale underneath her forbidding expression.

Though god knows the orange does nobody any favours.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw her on my way to work this morning. We had a stare-off.

Andrew said...

Eli - Well, waiting for them to land on something at trampling level can be a long, torturous business, but it struck me she'd wait as long as was needed to get the job done.

Sheepworrier - Thanks. I just wrote it down immediately. Had i waited and thought about it it would probably have come out a lot more contrived. But also better.

Jo - That was my point wih the title, i probably massively misjudged her. Though i did see her talking to people too, and that helped to make her look less than pleasant.

Catherine - I think her older brother was standing behind us at Mark Geary last night. he spent the first half of the gig bickering with his equally ignorant girlfriend, and the second half pushing me, even though he was taller than me and could probably see over my head.

Tara said...

Mm, a disproportionate number of people with skin that is a color other than skin have been, in my experience, not nice people.

(Not racist! I mean, orange or otherwise faked rather than skin's natural color.)

Therefore this is a statistically likely poem and also I like it. :)

Andrew said...

Thanks, Satsuma. I'm sure i know some lovely orange-skinned people, but I can't really think of any right now. And about the accidental racism thing, i had the same problem when i first wrote that down, as using the word 'mandarin' originally made it sound like my disapproval of her was because she was Chinese.

MJ said...

Andy, I love it. Hits the point with your usual reliable accuracy.

Jo - you are too nice. I have recently faded in my understanding of painfully shy beings. It's so hard to keep trying with them. Shyness at a point just turns into lazy rudeness.

Pardon me, I'm grumpy bum today. I'm exhausted from trying to get one particularly rude/shy friend out of her shell...