Monday, August 31, 2009


"Are you on Facebook, Andrew?"


He looks at me like I've just started dry-humping a life-size Margaret Thatcher doll.

"Oh, right. That's the only way I keep in contact with people now."

I didn't kick him in the shins, but nor did I feel guilty any longer for having gotten his new baby's gender wrong at the start of our conversation.

4 comment(s):

Radge said...

What a fucked up world we live in.

mary said...

Oh dear!

Andrew said...

Radge - Yup. Of course, the first text i got this morning was from that fucker, so he obviously was lying when he said that. I was a little worried that he'd somehow found this blog, but it turned out just to be a fairly spammy yoke about a gig he's involved in, so i continue to not feel bad.

Mary - Worse things happen, I suppose, but it annoyed me at thje time.

Anonymous - Are you any of those links even to porn? the URL for 'kl' in particular looks like a big sack of disappointment. You're going to force me to put word verification on, aren't you, you horrible Ukrainian spamming cunt? If I put on word verification I'll lose all my friends, and that makes me terribly sad.
My regards to Olga, she was passable at best.

Meadow said...

Sigh... Sigh... Facebook... Sigh...

But as to word verification, I'll still visit.