Thursday, August 13, 2009

On writing, Radiohead, Red's retirement and uh...mixtapes

Weird the way when you go to write a post after a fairly lengthy gap you automatically want to be all apologetic in tone, isn't it? (Though that might just be me). I'm not sorry at all, though, I've never understood why so many bloggers seem to feel this compunction to keep writing even when they know they've nothing to say.

I had this notion that unemployment might make me feel more creative in some way. I was about to say that it hasn't, but when you're as non-prolific as I am then I suppose one half-written short story, one fully-finished piece of crap and one three-quarters done post on an issue isn't that bad. The story will be entered into a competition if the end result turns out OK, the surreal piece of crap will be consigned to the bin, and the post should appear shortly.

As an aside, Radiohead have apparently said that they won't be releasing any more albums, but will release individuals songs, presumably as downloads. One such song has been released this week, it's called Harry Patch (In Memory Of), it's very good, and it's available for just one of those things the Brits like to call "pounds" right here.

Continuing the musical theme, I bought some new headphones the other week. They cost €25, which is not a lot when you consider how much they can be, but is more than I've ever spent on headphones before. And, listening to a bit of Nina Simone late one night, I got to thinking about how some songs really sound best when listened to in a quiet place, on your own, with headphones. It reminded me of my brother's complaint on the one and only occasion that he came to a music festival with me: "I think I prefer music in private. To that end, I've decided that the first ever mix-tape I plan on putting together will be made up of subtle little numbers that work best in a chilled out space on your own. It's almost an anti-festival mix, if you will (though I'm still all excited about the Picnic next month). I will send out a copy to absolutely anyone who would like one, regardless of where you live. so if you're interested in getting one just email me and I'll get right on it. My email is in my Blogger profile at the top right hand corner of the page.

And on that note, I'll finish by saying that I was sorry to see the retirement of the Queen of the Mix Tape last week. Red has been one of the good ones throughout the entire time I've been reading blogs and my feed-reader is going to miss her.

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B said...

It's apologising to the blog itself moreso, is it not? That's how I found it anyways. Easier to churn out crap if you're doing it every day, take a break and it suddenly becomes miles more difficult.
May I see the surreal piece of crap?

If you want brilliant, long compilations of stuff you don't know(and the Fall), here's the motherload.

catherine said...

Music in private is preferable if there's any risk at all of involuntary spazdancing. Which is generally quite high in my case, I don't know how I manage on the Luas.

And gwan giz one of them chillout tapes? Pretty please.

She Likes It Loud said...

Maybe you should just send me the set list of your mixtape since I live on another planet - postage to Jupiter ain't what it once was.

Heard the new Radiohead today as well, and I've also been looking to get some new headphones. What kind did you settle on? I'm looking at Sennheiser 280s but $.

Lindsey said...

I'm probably going to the Picnic too, by the by.

MJ said...

Welcome back, you've been missed :)

And you have my email. I would like a copy of the playlist please ;) It's a recession, you know. Plus, I think my postman hates me. He keeps putting JUNKMAIL in my LETTERBOX.

Capitals used to illustrate huge annoyance at this fact.

notRuairi said...
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notRuairi said...

The only place better to listen to music than on headphones is in a car, on your own. However cretinous that makes me sound, there's nothing to compare to listening to'Idiotheque' playing through a proper sound system at a slightly-louder than-you-would-at-home volume, mixing in harmoniously with the quiet drone of an engine.

And damn yeah, I'd be down for listening to a proper mix-cd. Expect an email.

Andrew said...

It's taking me an horrendously long time to reply these days. They say everything moves faster in this 'information Age' we're in. Not in Andrew's world, it doesn't.

B - Christ, if I felt the need to apologise to the blog itself on a frequent basis then I'd really end up a basket-case.
You really don't want to see the surreal piece of crap, the lady summed it best when she said "it sounds like you were running a temperature".
And thanks for the link.

Catherine - Of course you have one. It won't bring out any involuntary spazdancing on the Luas, just a gentle humming and nod of the head.

SLIL - Send me your fucking address, woman! It really won't cost that much to send, and due to the amount of water between here and there and my current financial state there's unlikely to be any stalking on my part.

Linds - Good, I'm delighted about that. Sugarhill Gang?

MJ - Thank you, it's nice to have been missed. What I said to She Likes it Loud goes for you too, I'm really not that worried about the postage.

NotRuairi - You deleted your original comment because of one stray comma, didn't you? How impressively anal.
I used to listen to Kid A on headphones a lot while on my lunchbreak in a plastic factory I worked in during college holidays. It harmonises beautifully with industrial machinery too.

She Likes It Loud said...

Heh thanks A. I never thought you'd stalk, or anything celery related for that matter. NotRuairi doesn't sound cretinous to me. I like "Idioteque" anyway I can get it though. Blaring loudly on the dance floor is my favorite way at the moment.