Friday, November 6, 2009

What others were feeling like today #13

Checking my archives I realise that I haven't put up one of these posts in nearly six months. There's a couple of nice entries for today and I have little else of interest to share with you. When I hear back from E4 regarding my strongly worded letter expressing my outrage at their rescheduling of Gilmore Girls so that it clashes with Countdown I'll let you know. For any new readers (and,surprisingly enough, there seem to be a couple recently, which is nice), this is simply a section where I opt out of any creativity whatsoever and simply put up diary extracts for the day in question taken from a book I have called The Assassin's Cloak.


At night my wife and I did fall out about the dogs being put down into the cellar, which I had a mind to have done because of his fouling the house, and I would have my will; and so we went to bed and lay all night in a quarrel. This night I was troubled all night with a dream that my wife was dead, which made me that I slept ill all night.

If the lady and I ever manage to have a row I may well try out the "I would have my will" line on her; it's so delightfully authoritative.


I spent the whole evening just sitting before a mirror just to keep myself company.

Wikipedia tells me that "The typical protagonist in the works of Pavese is a loner, through choice or through circumstances. His relationships with men and women tend to be temporary and superficial."
Cesare, of course, lived in an era before either Gilmore Girls or Countdown had been invented.

4 comment(s):

Voodoolady said...

That's not even a contest. Gilmore Girls wins every time.

Rosie said...

nonsense, Voodoolady. Countdown is an improving programme (it won't get any better, but he might) whereas Gilmore Girls will just have him questioning his relationship with his mother.

Catherine said...

I'll lend you my Gilmore Girls box set. You'll not leave the flat for a week.

Andrew said...

Ladies, you've entirely over-looked the serious literary stuff in this post in order to talk about Gilmore Girls!

Fair enough, I guess.