Thursday, December 3, 2009

Strange news from another star

I don't check my Hotmail account very often any more. They have appallingly bad spam filters and Gmail is preferable in just about every way. I popped in for the first time in about a week last night and found this:

Get RickO'Shea to loose.‏
From: Curtis J (

Dear Andrew

Your country needs you. Well Charlotte Flood needs you. 

Charlotte is competing in one of the annual awards in this years things. anyways. 

She is close to but still second to Mr Rick O'Shea, you may know him. 

I have already set up a number of people, both nationwide and overseas to vote for Miss Flood to win but we need to recruit more and more. 

To help us you need to vote for Charlotte as much as possible! 

I find if you lower the zoom on the browser (by hitting CTRL and '-' at the same time) you can vote quicker as there is less scrolling involved! 
You are allowed vote 100 times in one go , it is tedious but we need all the votes we can get for good ol Chalotte. It resets after a few hours so if you use up all your votes try later that day and vote another 100 times. 

I hope you will be as committed to this cause as we are. 

Spread the word and get as many people as humanly possible to vote. 

Have a nice day
Who the fuck is that guy? How did he get my email address, how the fuck does he know I know Rick O'Shea and why the fuck does he think I'd care enough to help him rig a poll? I'd rather listen to Peter Andre having an attack of the scutters than any of the tools who pollute the daytime airwaves, but that's neither here nor there. Rick O'Shea is, presumably, running one hell of a campaign himself as he's still way ahead in that particular category, as is his merry band of try-hards (Gimme has said all that needs to be said on that particular matter)., your poll is dodgier than a Zimbabwean election.

Now, Internet, I'm going to be away from you for a few days, holed up in a cottage in Mayo with nowt but a fire, a jigsaw puzzle and at least one scantily-clad lady for company. When I come back I wish to hear no more of this frippery. I wish for you to become once again the calm, measured forum for intelligent debate that you've always been up to now. Or at least ensure that Karen Koster claims her rightful crown as 'Best Xposé Presenter', yeah?

4 comment(s):

B said...

Leaving blogonia was one of the few good moves I done this year. Gimme's gone a bit mad there though.

Sinead said...

a scantily-clad lady? Your not referring to the Virgin Mary are you, I hear she was down around those parts at the weekend. Don't know how she feels about jigsaws however.

Kitty Catastrophe said...

They spelled "lose" with two Os. This angers me.

Andrew said...

B - I'm a little hurt to realise that Curtis J wasn't solely concerned with soliciting my help.

Sinéad - Yep, that'd be her. She likes them with 1500 pieces or more, apparently.

Kitty Cat - Only one of many, many things wrong with that email but yeah, probably the most annoying one.