Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Indie

I have lots of lovely links on my sidebar which are all worth checking out, but if you haven't taken a gander at Free Indie yet then it's high time you did.

The site re-launched itself recently and, oddly enough, I find it harder to navigate now than it was before. So i'm gonna put a couple of links directly to a couple of bands I've found on the site that I love, to save you having to meander around too much, if you care not for such things.

The Decemberists are an absolutely cracking band, with melodic tunes and clever lyrics. All three songs available here are good, but if you feel incredibly pressed for time and hard-drive/iPod space you should go with 'Engine Driver'.

Beirut are pretty well known at this stage, but if you don't own any of their music I highly recommend you download these tracks. Again, if you only choose one go for 'Postcards from Italy', one of my all-time favourite tracks by anyone, ever.

For those who like their music performed by earnest, sensitive men with acoustic guitars Jeremy Fisher is worth checking out. No one track here stands out, but I do like 'Jolene', simply because its title reminds me of Dolly Parton. The songs bears no resemblance though, and I can't quite work out if that's a good thing or not.

Here ends my foray into music blogging for now. If free, legal downloads are your thing (and why on earth wouldn't they be?) MP3 Hugger is another blog worth checking out.

6 comment(s):

Darren said...

Cheers - I'm off to do some Indie-browsing now...

B said...

Decemberists are bigger than Beirut surely?

they also happen to suffer from the whole "Anything you can do, Neutral Milk Hotel already done better" problem that many groups from this decade face.

Anonymous said...

There ARE lots of lovely links there :) I'm with Darren on the indie fun now!

Eimear said...

Ooh, I'll add this to my links list ...

'Engine Driver' is lovely, I also love '16 Military Wives' and 'Yankee Bayonet'.

As for Neutral Milk Hotel ... I have been addicted to 'Naomi' for the last eight months or so. If Beirut are anything like them I'll listen!

Andrew said...

B, I would have considered Beirut to be bigger than the Decemberists but I'm not exactly down with the kids. Oddly enough, I've never actually listened to Neutral Milk Hotel, though they've been on my 'must try' list for a long time.

Eimear, welcome to Chancing my Arm and thanks for commenting. You've actually named my three favourite Decemberists tracks there. 16 Military Wives is particularly brilliant.

B said...

I'm way down with the kids, actually so much so, that I'm several miles below them.

Decemberists are one of the biggest indie groups around, not sure how big they are outside indie circles.

You owe it to yourself to download some NMH! Naomi isn't even off the good album.

I think I'm gonna do some deranged supersized posts about music soon... first one'll be entirely self-indulgent though.