Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some Europeans still like us

As the fallout, controversy and confusion continues to reign (how could no-one have made any sort of plan as to what might happen next if we voted 'no'?) Check out the comments that came flooding in on the Pricewatch blog on the Irish Times site. Don't think Conor was really looking for that at all. It is pretty funny though. My favourites are from the over-enthusiastic Germans and the slightly confused members of UKIP who just aren't quite sure if they should love or hate Irish people right now and seem to be of the notion that we have rejected the E.U. entirely and that the whole thing will crumble now.

My God, maybe it will. What have we done?

2 comment(s):

B said...

we've also helped france go one step closer to electing lepenn at some point! I'll take that as a win.

Andrew said...

B, I'll assume you're joking!