Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thoughts recorded at a disgusting hour

This accursed blogging has destroyed my already fragile grasp on any sort of a decent sleeping pattern. Although I have not been all that productive recently, rest assured that I am constantly awake at ridiculous times of night, thinking about things I want to talk about on this here blog. And unless I scribble them down on a sheet of paper (as I am doing now), they have entirely left my head by the next morning- when it might actually be somewhat logical to be thinking stuff and writing it down.

I wonder to what extent other bloggers suffer this problem.

I call it blogsomnia.

And I do not like it.

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Lottie said...

Okay - I am not quite so bad that it keeps me awake. However, I am constantly finding bits of paper and receipts covered with drunken scribings that are totally illegible but I am certain were soooo important to blog about at the time.

MJ said...

Someone told me once to always go to sleep within reach of a notepaper and pen/cil, so I've always done it. It's for when you bolt upright in the middle of the night having a EUREKA! moment, so you will not forget it and put it down to crazy dreaming the next day. Couldn't figure out a puzzle once. Woke at 2am going "got it!" turned on the bedside light, wrote down the solution, and went back to sleep. I didn't remember for about 2 days that I had solved the riddle!!!

Andrew said...

Good woman Lottie, none of that "just making neat little memos on my PDA" shite that your bloke appears to go in for. Is it a PDA? I don't even know that that stands for.

MJ, I worry a little about you now.

funnily enough, I do tend to have a pen and paper by my bed, but its only for getting the stuff in my head written so I can get to sleep, waking up is never ever a problem for me.

Anonymous said...

i i constnatly do this, i mean think of blogging stuff, that would be really good, and inevitably forget it.

I also wrote the best song ever just as i was nodding off.. and thought i'll remember that tomorrow. I didn't

Andrew said...

If i blogged even a fraction of the good stuff that comes into my head i would have swept up every blogging award going already and many would worship me as a fairly major deity.