Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aindí Leisciúil

I woke up yesterday a year older and a year stupider.

I did a quick stock-take:

Belly? Still there.
Painful left knee? That's new.
Concern for the global economy? Seeds of it.
Unsettling preoccupation with the idea of getting a Tesco Clubcard? Definitely new.
Cripplingly large measures of indolence and indecision? Still very much there.

So I skipped college, slept a few more hours and went home and drank tea and watched 'The Virginian' on TG4 with The Bro. What a show.

There were no cards in the post. This was a good thing, as last year there was one: from my chiropractor. I do not want to hear from my jilted chiropractor on my birthday, reminding me that they're still there if I'd care to pay 80 euro a week for temporary relief. 24 Nurofen only costs about 7 quid, lads.

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Darren said...

Sure, we'll make up for your lacklustre day tomorrow.

I had a mini-crisis in August about growing old. The worry fades quickly.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Belated Happy Birthday :)

Won't be making it out for cocktails and post exam drinks on friday night.But i'll buy you a drink the next time i see you!

Andrew said...

Thanks guys.

Daz - i was actually OK with doing fuck all yesterday, i quite enjoyed it. The clubcard thing is a definite worry, though.

Mar - ah, that's a shame. sure your mind can't be changed? if not then i'll look forward to that drink.

Lottie said...

Mwha ha ha ha ha! You're sooo old. Now where did I leave my glasses?

red said...

Ah, welcome to the bad knee club, it's a prerequisite to getting old.

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday my son :)
I'd be worried about the tesco clubcard thingy, its a slippery slope to cutting out coupons.
You are only as old as the company u keep

Darragh said...

You are only as old as the company u keep

Heh. That means I'm actually quite young and those who hang around with me and N are ancient. Muwhahahaha.

See you for a pint soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday man. See ya this evening.

Andrew said...

Lottie - slaps for you tonight.

Red - cheers, that's good to know.

Seano - cheers buddy, I'm gonna try and keep away from the coupons for now.

Darragh - not tonight, no? I'm not doing the web awards cos i'm not that old so have fun there and give my regards to Damo.

Anto - cheers, see you later.

Darragh said...

@andrew - No pints tonight. Girly cocktails a plenty. I mean we should go for a pint.

Niamh S. said...

Happy belated birthday!

Lottie said...

Wohoo! I look forward to it.

Mark G. said...

Forget the clubcard. Unless you're comfortable with a faceless multinational tracking your shopping habits. (/paranoia)

And 48 'generic' ibuprofen only cost a fiver. Forget the Nurofen, especially the Plus: Codeine = Bad Scene, maaaaaaan.

Erm... Happy Birthday!

Andrew said...

Niamh - cheers hun

Mark G - yeah, a fiver? I thought we're not allowed buy them in quantities of more than 24 in this country because the government assume that suicidal people aren't smart enough to go into two different pharmacists.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the saying "You're only as old as the woman you feel"? You're only a young 'un sweetie! ;)

She Likes It Loud said...

Happy belated man! I'm behind on the blogs on every level, yeesh.
Hope it rocked.