Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Whinge

I seem to have gone a bit quiet here recently. Inevitable, really.
The tortured artist in me is dying to write about my pain using such words as searing, blinding, and maybe even coruscating. That's not really how it is though, so I won't.

Then yesterday the doctor diagnosed me with acute streptococcal tonsilitis (known as 'throat AIDS' to the more tasteless of us). An opportunity to put those pretty adjectives to use maybe? Nope, it's more just excruciating than anything else. But that word must be passé at this stage.

The question is, when someone is suffering an illness that makes swallowing even a sip of water extremely painful, why make the antibiotic that cures it the size of a fucking ostrich egg?

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Annie said...

Yeah, and then that ostrich egg goes right ahead and gives you unbearable thrush.

Anonymous said...

@Annie eek yes! Nastiness :(

@Andrew sorry to hear you're not well & hope you feel better soon. Why don't you write all about your sore throat & stuff anyway - doesn't mean you have to publish it but it might be interesting and therapeutic and take your mind off the ostrich egg ;)

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Whinge all you like Andrew, nothing better than reading about someone else's bad fortune to make my day.

Did I say that?

Aargh, I am now going to lay an ostrich egg of embarrassment.

Get well soon :)

Lottie said...

You mean the doctor didn't offer you the enema?

Unknown said...

Honestly? It's because doctors like to see people suffer.

(But seriously, hope you feel better soon!)

Anonymous said...

They must have it in a liquid form, why not ask the chemist?

Then there's always suppositories...

Rosie said...

manflu. it'll be better before you're twice married, as my nana'd say.

Darragh said...

Is it the *bad* throat aids?

Andrew said...

Annie - ooh, i like ickle birdies, i find them highly bearable.

Whoops - Cheers. My snot post was enough without following it up with several on mucus.

Sarah - Glad to be of service.

Lottie - believe me, it would've been preferable.

Linds - Well, I may just have to hurt the next doctor i see. Drinkies next week?

Frank B - Hey. My response to lottie is valid here too. Also, i was in no state to discuss anything with the chemist. if he'd told me they cost €853.68 I'd have stumped up quite happily at that point.

Rosie - heinous bitch.

Darragh - yup, the really fucking bad throat aids. Shit, i probably caught it from snogging you, didn't i?

Anonymous said...

hey, hope you feel better soon. Is it the kind of ostrich egg you could crush or chop into smaller pieces? It might be worth a try.

Anonymous said...

You wuss, stop complaining, i had this when i was 17, 17 dammit.

I wish there was a way to make numbers in capital letters to stress them.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Dammit i feel your pain.And i will thus dispense a lifesaving piece of advice:
Epsom Salt and Hot Water.

Gargle 3-4 times a day...Yes it tastes like shit but i swear it will kick the infection to the kerb.