Thursday, November 27, 2008

for anyone

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Annie said...

cute and good

Jo said...

Like yourself, Annie :)

Andrew said...

Annie - Thank you.

Jo - She is, isn't she?

Darragh said...

I like this one Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Rarely have there been truer words said Andrew.

I made a resolution some time ago that human hearts were too fragile to toy around with, my own included, and vowed to never do so again.

It's one I intend to keep.

Andrew said...

Darragh - Cheers. What are you doing in that picture? If it's in any way connected to your paedophilia ring i'll be most upset.

Sinéad - Thanks. Not so bad yourself.

Gray - A noble resolution. And the most difficult one to keep.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Andrew. To pretend any different would make me a hypocrite.

But the alternative is the abyss.

Love your writing as always.