Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fibreglass Links

Would you?

NaRocRoc's magical date.

Gimme with a good fucking point.

Jonathan Woss's twitter ejaculations

Sarah tells you what you should do

I'm not sure what Radge is on about, but I think I like it.

MJ's brand new wedding blog. It's OK, she's not Bridezilla.

6 comment(s):

Radge said...

Radge probably just needs a pint.

Andrew said...

It's Friday, of course he does.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how magical it was but thanks for the link all the same dude!

MJ said...


Andrew said...

narocroc - mon plaisir.

MJ - I'm sorry, I don't speak smiley. I'll optimistically assume this denotes a positive sentiment.

MJ said...

Oh, you...

I was smiling in the flesh so thought I would share.

*Positive Sentiment*