Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wilder, lower, wolves

An odd sort of week I've had. Moments of laughing my hole off and moments of blind fucking fear at the very idea of getting out of bed in the morning. This does not happen me very often. Some instances of crystal clarity followed by a fuckload of haziness. The kind of startling indolence that leads me to stay in bed until 3 in the afternoon met with periods of genuine productivity, if one has such a thing in my line of work. Magnanimity married to an urge to mire myself in bitchiness and the pulling of no punches. Resignation to it all and utter defiance.
Hectoring, badgering, toadying, schmoozing.

The kind of week where I stay awake contemplating quitting blogging and then heartlessly composing posts in roughly equal measure.

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Sarah Gostrangely said...

Hmm. Intriguing. I like the words though...the whole post reads like a Shins song *a good thing.

What in the name of bejasus are you doing up at this hour though?

Anonymous said...

you cant quit, at least till i get caught up on reading your blog posts.

B said...

That's every week for me.

Cept the line of work bit.

Take solace in the fact that Paul Draper done his first live performance in over 7 years!

Darragh said...
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Darragh said...

Personally I have wiped the entire of last week from personal history. Didn't happen. My biographer can feck off if she thinks she's including that in the buke*.

I'm with Sarah. Liking the words.

(*Don't mock. It'll happen. I'll pay for it, but it will!)

(Yes, I'm pedantic enough to delete the last comment to resolve a minor mistake. Yes indeed.)

Darren said...

I think all bloggers know that feeling. I certainly do. I came very close to taking it all down over Christmas. Don't even know why.

Andrew said...

Sarah - I don't know enough Shins songs, just 'Know your Onion' and the ones off the Garden State soundtrack. which album would you recommend?
The title of this post is actually takne from a very, very old REM song called Wolves, Lower.

Donna - would it not make it much easier to catch up on my posts if i stopped writing new ones? I'm not gonna quit though, it was just a funny kinda week.

B That is good news, do you know if it was any good?

Darragh - I got both your comments in my email and I can't for the life of me see which mistake you fixed in the 2nd one.

Darren - Glad I'm not the only one. I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps, like me, you sometimes wish you'd done this whole thing anonymously instead, but couldn't be arsed to start again from scratch.

Darren said...

That's exactly it. There's so much I'd like to write but feel I can't. And I couldn't be arsed started a new blog.

Maybe over the next few months I'll consider starting afresh as Cuthbert Wutherington-Smythe.

B said...

wasn't really up to much, he just guested with some band playing some Mansun songs I think.

Was just to overcome stage nerves I think

Sarah Gostrangely said...

heyo andrew.

Chutes Too Narrow is the shit.

and also 3rd album gets a little dark but none the worse for it, Wincing the Night Away.

also anything unplugged by James Mercer, a wee bit college rock but got enough funny chords to be rockin.

Anonymous said...

Well thank God somebody said it. I've been flicking back and forth on the blog question for weeks. You are flicking back and forth much more eloquently than I however, darn and blast you!

B said...

I always get UCD links from your blog

Andrew said...

Darren - Little does anyone know that you and me are actually the Bluebirds. That's a lie, I bumped into wee Katie earlier. she was asking for you. No, that's a lie too, she never mentioned you. Rude of her, really.

B - I see. Promising, nevertheless. about your UCD reference, I assume you're referring to Sinéad's blog?

Sarah - Cheers. Chutes too Narrow it is.

Sinéad - You're as melodramatic as me, then. There's no need to quit really, just post whenever you feel like it, be that twice a day or twice a month. and if you also feel the need for a more anonymous forum then just set a new blog up.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, has everyone been thinking that? The number of people I came across over Christmas thinking the same. It even got to the point where I mailed Annie R to hassle her to post again.... :-)

I've never contemplated giving up (fair enough I've abandoned projects in the past but never thought of throwing in the towel), I couldn't, it's too much a part of who I am now. Sometimes the part I enjoy most outside of my relationship.

How sad does that make me?

Darren said...

@Rick Very!

Andrew said...

Rick - Annie'll be back, all the better for the break. It might just have been a case of the winter grumps for a lot of people, they'll snap out of it. I have. Mind you, if people aren't enjoying it anymore then why feel chained to it?

Daz, before you go calling people sad tell me, honestly, how many awards did you nominate yourself or the missus for? :-p