Saturday, January 17, 2009

I detest this kind of post

You know the way when you log into Google Reader there's a bit at the side that recommends blogs you might like to subscribe to? Well, tonight it's recommending that I subscribe to Chancing My Arm. I feel ridiculously tickled by this. I'm not sure if it's the momentary thrill of seeing my blog name up on screen when I didn't type it, or simply the notion that Google's magical software that selects these things decided that, based on my reading habits, I might like me.

Or will they just throw any old shite at you?

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B said...

all mine ever says to me is "why the f*ck do you have so few google reader subscriptions?"

then my bout of arrogance is replaced with a lack of trust towards my other stat site things.

Anonymous said...

i remember the thrill i had the first time i found my own name by googling it... but it wasnt me! someone else with the same name :)

Darragh said...

That's pretty cool. Feel tickled! it's Google - if they don't know what you'd like, who would? They probably know what colour socks you're wearing!

(Cue ad for socks in 3, 2...)

Anonymous said...

I like you.

Andrew said...

B - I learned through that that there are 22 (23 now, it would've been rude not to add myself after google asked so nicely) people subscribed to this blog, which is about 15 more than I'd imagined there was.
I don't pay any attention to my stat things cos they're massively distorted by hte fact that I still get hits every day for that picture of a girl in a bikini that I put up when I was hammered.

Donna - I haven't ggogled my own name in a while, last time I did i was horibly depressed by how many people are out there with the same name as me leading gloriously successful lives.

Darragh - but do they know that the socks I have on today are an odd pair, if only very subtly so?

Anonymous - I like you too, no doubt.

B said...

I had a batman photo that was getting me these INSANE figures

I got rid of it and found a bit of coding to keep me off google images... but only if i bother to upload the images myself

B said...

Today I've a reach of 35 and subscribership of 54 on feedburner.

the reach used to be slightly higher and the subscibership was constantly over 70 since novemeber but collapsed last weekend to 40.