Sunday, March 29, 2009

But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear

Home in Wicklow for a little while earlier I decided that I could no longer tolerate my own level of mankiness and went for a shower. I looked in the mirror and marvelled at how wild and unkempt my wild and unkempt beard has become. Then I picked up a hairbrush (I don't own one) and slicked back my ever-growing hair. I resisted the temptation to ape Ron Burgundy's famous cry of "Hey everyone, come see how good my hair looks!" and wandered out into the hallway in some grotty boxers, in search of clean socks and, perhaps, a muffin.

"You look like Porno-Rasputin," laughed my brother.

Which hurt a lot, as I'd been aiming for Porno-David Koresh.

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B said...

"You look like Porno-Rasputin," sounds rather sophisticated for a lowbrow insult

White Rabbit said...

Porno Rasputin?

Now there's an idea for a dirty movie!

Sarah Gostrangely said...

This is an enduring image.

THANKS, Andrew. Thanks a lot.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Also, sorry Andrew, for not replying earlier. The school is Swan on Grafton St, and they're not too desperate, but give em a try anyways.

Hopefully you know what I'm talking about...You don't cite an email add!

Andrew said...

Jo - so's your face.

B - We're a highbrow kinda family, it's mostly PG Wodehouse references.

LN - I'm sure it's already been done. I'm just far too scared to google it right now.

Sarah - you're very welcome, my dear. I know Swan, they once left a voice message offering me a job but gave it to someone else when I didn't get back to them within 2 hours. so I stayed working in the boots next door to them and every now and again had to put out the stinking, smouldering fires that would occur when one too many Spaniards threw an entirely unstubbed out cigarette into their ashtray outside the door. Tell them I'll be invoicing them for that, and that it's reasonable to allow people at least three hours to return a message. And that they can expect another CV from me in a few weeks.

If you don't mind.

B said...

It's Frasier crossed with Peep Show

Lindsey said...

Your brother is the funniest man I know. I must go out for dinner with him and your sister again. They have this brother who's pretty amusing too but I haven't seen him in ages.

Andrew said...

Linds, I heard he smells like turnips and thwarted ambition.

Rosie said...

or pop tarts and flatulence - depends on when you catch him.