Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'll get me coat

Google Reader tells me that I only post here an average of 2.6 times a week (what are you, Google reader, my mother?). Yet I don't think I've ever gone more than 3 or 4 days since I started up this nonsense without posting. Would you all worry about me terribly if I was absent for any longer than that? I'd like to think so.

So, lest you start fretting that I may have fallen in with a crowd of no-goodniks who don't appreciate frittering time away on the interweb, or that I've lost my typing arm to a fleet of angry termites, I'm just letting everyone know I'll be incommunicado until next weekend, trapped somewhere in the desolate prettiness of Mayo supervising a load of teenagers on an outdoor pursuits trip.

Worse still, my only adult company for the week will be a 40 something lady PE teacher who only likes to talk about Pilates and, I dunno, chemical warfare or something.

There may not be enough poitín and Malaysian soft porn mags in the world to get me through this.

10 comment(s):

red said...

best of luck- it sounds like you'll need it.

Rosie said...

i'll write to you.

if you'll send me a postcard.

Anonymous said...

Isaac Asimov wrote 80 pages a day. What a cunt.

... I just looked him up on wikipedia, my word he looked like Clark Kent.

Anonymous said...

Ah sure it'll keep ya off the streets.

White Rabbit said...

Good luck!

emordino - 80 pages seriously?

EW said...

2.6? I wish I could get my ass in gear to post that often!

Andrew said...

Red - Thanks, it's been fine so far. If in doubt, just gripe about the job.

Rosie - I'd have to walk into Leenane to do that. They shoot protestants, don't they?

Emo - The prick. Still, he was no doubt just talking balls for the entirety of those 80 pages. I read one of his short stories when I was 11 and he was predicting that in the future people might do most of their reading on screen, rather than paper. The crazy fucking maverick! A mave-prick, if you will.

NRR & LN - Cheers. I like fjords.

EW - suddenly I feel all productive, thanks. You should post more.

B said...

emordino: sure i write 80 pages a day, just hold down one key for an hour in word... easy
and the clark kent bit, bahahahahahaha, very difficult to get a ba outta me

B said...

whats my average post count, anyone know? 5 on the dot?

Andrew said...

It's 5.4, presumably raised by the fact you used to do weekend posts.