Friday, June 12, 2009

Out to stud

"Have you retired?" asks some cheeky little bollix earlier, via Googlychat. His question refers, presumably, to my blog rather than real life. Early retirement for realsies has long been a temptation, but they tell me it helps if you have a career of some kind first, and have at least reached the age of 30.

The blog has been quiet because I have been, hither and thither, doing other things.


Exams. Badness. Let's not talk about them.

Shacking up. Goodness. Very lots of goodness about that.

Failing to obtain the visa that would have allowed herself and I to go to Nova Scotia for a year. It's a shame, the recurring fantasy I had of wearing lumberjack shirts and becoming a cult hero for my exploits in bare-knuckle bear-boxing was not an unpleasant one.

Successfully climbing Croagh Patrick. No-one has ever really conquered that motherfucker in their bare feet, have they? Having abandoned any hope of keeping up with my hideously healthy brother and disgustingly wheeze-free mate I set myself the task of making it to the top before a six year-old English girl I passed along the way called Harriet, who was being cajoled along by her mother. Harriet did not much care for holy mountains, and cared even less for my patronising attempt at encouragement. Yet, every time I stopped for breath and turned around to look over Clew Bay, there was Harriet, steaming along with a face that could advertise infanticide. I suppose she's never smoked Luckies or snorted vodka, but my self-esteem still took quite a kicking. I made it to the top a full three minutes ahead of her. In your freckled face, Harriet.

Finding a job, albeit a very temporary one, that allows me to sit in a warm room drinking tea and playing Football Manager while getting paid. And not even having to pretend to be doing otherwise.

Crossing off the final two counties on this island that I'd never been to. Derry and Donegal, so's you know. If we could be sure of the kind of weather we've had recently for as much as four weeks of the year then I don't think I'd ever need to leave this country.

Applying for a real job, even one that doesn't allow me play Football Manager. Writing letters and lists of why you're better than everyone else is most unbecoming, in my view.

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She Likes It Loud said...

Heh, mine's been quiet because it was bound, gagged, and left for dead in a cellar in rural Michigan.

Busy with busy. =)

red said...

life's sounding good your end. lots of activity, lots of change. best of luck with the jobs.

B said...

Did you get results yet?

Still playing FM? damn...

Not Ruairi said...

Finishing sixth, beating 3rd place twice with two comebacks, 2-0 down at half time, victory 4-2 over Barnsley in the playoff final. Nothing (nothing!) compares to making Plymouth Argyle the 44th team to join the Premier League (including Burnley).

Holemaster said...

Ah that must have been little Five Peaks Harriet. Probably off to Ben Nevis straight after that.

Andrew said...

SLIL - The best way to be, really. I sometimes think that if you have loads of time on your hands for blogging then you need to find something better to do with your time.

Red - yeah, life's good. the lack of a job by the end of this week means it's not exactly perfect, but life would be no fun if it was too easy, would it?

B - No, not yet. I'll be sure not to let you all know when i do get them.

Not Ruairi - That's truly the stuff dreams are made of. I've made arsenal about as perfect as I'm likely to get them, so i might see if i can't take Tranmere Rovers into the Chamions' League next.

Holemaster - Aye, that'd be her. What a bitch.

jothemama said...

Nice, Andrew. Sorry about the visa.

Did you get your results yet,heh, my guess is no.

Hope it went better than you think.

Elisabet said...

Its a shame that you didn't get visa to Nova Scotia, I would definately had come and visit you! And Anne of the Green Gable of course:)

I guess no plans of Roskilde or any other visits to scandinavia?

Simon said...

Bollocks finally looked at your blog to see you miss representing The Reek (see I can it that now) it never looked that sunny!Oh and don't feel so bad had a few cheeky rests on the way up with the excuse of "waiting for you" to crawl your way up behind us. Have got a few not bad photos of you and Pete though give me a shout if you want them emailed to you.