Monday, June 22, 2009

Renaissance Man

I realised recently that the only novels I've managed to finish in the past couple of years have all been from the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series.

I've bought the Sunday Independent for the past three weeks running, and have found myself reading the Life supplement from cover to cover, pondering the merits of a €500 man bag.

I was out in town on Saturday night. In Buck Whaley's on Leeson Street. Six euro pints and coked-up teenagers? Yes, please.

I went to see Synecdoche, New York last night. Lots of people whose opinion I respect had said it was great. I couldn't find it to be anything more than a pretentious piece of art-wank. If Charlie Kaufman is the emperor then I regret to tell you that he has no clothes on.

I went to see The Hangover the week before and laughed my hole off.

I recently discovered that I had quite a large collection of Nuts magazines.

I passed a friend while driving down the dual carriageway earlier. Instead of pulling over for a chat I called and kept her on the phone while I wittered on for about five minutes, whilst speeding through an area that often has Garda checkpoints.

If things carry on like this it won't be long till I'm sat on the couch dribbling into my Pot Noodle and watching Big Brother.

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Radge said...

You're the man I want to be, but I'm too afraid of the cinéastes.

OK, not really. 'The Hangover' was ***** and 'Synecdoche...' was ******.

conor said...

wimmin actually stop this degeneration. i discovered this through meticulous research. the girlfriend has dragged me back towards the light. you'll be ok

NaRocRoc said...

I used to think you were alright Andrew. But now, well....

B said...

That means I'm able to read more than you... very odd, very odd indeed.

I always wind up reading that Life yoke too, which is why I try to ban that filth from coming in. Only 1 day of television listings too.

It's very obviously pretentious art-wank, but I always find myself very confused what to think of them. Love them all cos they're the kind of thing a person only gets to make once. Think the Fountain is my favourite of them... it's terrible.

Don't get why they keep plugging it as "from the director of old school", unless you're Hal Ashby, your direction won't make a f*cking difference with a comedy like that.

We can't get Channel 4 tuned in, so I'm safe.

Andrew said...

Radge - The Hangover was funny and synecdoche was shitty, right?

Conor - Perhaps, perhaps. If she would only quit her job to stop me watching Exposé in the afternoon.

Yes, everyone, I watched Exposé today.

NaRocRoc - Hey, China still cool, you pay later, you pay later.

That's right, i'm using Simpsons jokes from ten years ago to show I've still got it.

B - Yeah, The Fountain...that was a bit shite now I come to think about it.

Rosie said...


it's over.

B said...

come to think of it? seriously?