Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shameless method of generating traffic

This young lady is Megan Fox. She is there for no other reason than an experiment. And to keep my pervier readers happy (howaya Darren and Sean!).

Since I have added my Feedjit widget to the lower right hand side of my page I've noticed a lot of traffic coming in through Google image searches, mostly looking for pictures of Nicky Whelan and Natalie Portman, if I'm not very much mistaken. This is not really why I want people to visit my page but i'd like to think that one or two of them do stop and look around a bit. It's also fascinating to be receiving hits from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Netherlands Antilles, South Africa, Japan and Finland, plus somewhere called the UK. This makes me feel very cosmopolitan and like a terribly exciting individual.

So, I'm gonna be away for the next couple of days - in Wexford, where I don't think they have computers. I probably won't check the blog again until Thursday evening and I'll be interested to see how many passers-by this picture will draw in, given that the lovely Megan was the most-Googled image of 2007 and has recently been named as FHM World's Sexiest Woman for 2008.

If you're passing by and have taken the time to read this please click the wee comment button and say something. As long as its reasonably nice. Perhaps tell me what the weather is like in your part of Uzbekistan or what system of government you have in this mysterious 'U.K.' Tell me all about the time you briefly felt attracted to your goldfish, the first time you ever cut your knee really badly, the way you like the breeze ruffling your hair...you get the idea, talk to me people!

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Darren said...


Lottie said...

@ Darren's "Speechless! - and very very sorry!

MJ said...

Oooooh. I didn't have you down as one of those... Shameless indeed ;)

Andrew said...

Well, the pervs are still flocking to the page, courtsey of Ms. fox. And not a single one has said hello, unless I count Mr. Speechless there.

MJ and Lottie, you may be the only females to ever come near this page and its extremely nice to have you both.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm new to this blogging thing and have had zero traffic. I think this idea is genious! Might have to borrow your idea if you don't mind.