Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Appeal

I have a younger brother who has just finished college after 4 years of studying Transport Technology in DIT Bolton Street. He's now more than a little unsure about what to do with his life, having made it through several stages of application for a graduate job in Brussels with Toyota that he ultimately missed out on.

I reckon he simply needs to broaden his horizons and get out of this country for a while, as he is currently unfettered by such things as girlfriend/children/ mortgage/job-with-good-prospects-if-you-give-ten-years-of-unbroken-service.

He worked with me at an orphanage in Tanzania last summer (which I referenced here) and was brilliant at that, contributing in all kinds of ways - mostly by fixing, mending and building anything he could, but also by playing with the kids. But what we did in Tanzania would not be financially viable over a long period, and I think he wants to try something else anyway. Something a little bit different, that might last for about a year or so, and might have food and board covered.
Naturally, the internet is the best way to reserach this and plenty of options keep popping up, but I'm curious as to whether any of my readers or passers-by have done such things, or know anyone who has done, or who runs an organisation that could help. Genuine advice would be so much more helpful than a profit-making website. It doesn't have to be particularly altruistic work, just something useful and a bit different. He could be good at pretty much anything he puts his mind to, teaching English is more my bag than his but I wouldn't rule it out for him, particularly if its within a specialised context.
So, if you're reading this and can think of anything at all please click on the wee comment link and let me know. Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

I know its not technically volunteer work but maybe he should consider the Army, they do appoint specialists such as engineers, logistics on short term contracts for a year or two, would be something different.

Darren said...

Weird! The first thing that came to mind for me was the Army. A short term thing could be great for him and, who knows, he might get a taste for it.

(I love the smell of napalm in the morning!)

David Scanlon said...

this might be of some help, it's a social network for volunteer / non-profits: http://www.ammado.com/

he might find something there that strikes his fancy :)

Andrew said...

Cheers for the suggestions guys and please keep them coming.

Darren and Sean, the army idea sounds like a good one but the problem is that 4 of his classmates were already soldiers, paid by the army to do that course, so there might not be as many opportunties in his particular area as you might imagine.

Electric monk, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment, I'll pass that website on to him.

Darragh said...

Andrew, does he work well with children?

If so he should look at Barretstown as a potential (life changing for some) experience. I can't recommend the place enough for what it teaches you about yourself and the wonderful people you can meet.

I'd also highly recommend he register with UnLtdWorld to make a broader and more active community of charities and social entrepreneurs aware of his offer.

Best of luck with it!