Saturday, August 9, 2008

Less than Luxor-ious

Well, Darren says he wants updates of my hols as I go along and, for some strange reason, Darren seems to get what he wants.

What can I say? It's so fucking hot here it makes books fall apart if you read them while lying in the sun. Literally. I was busy thinking how superior I was to the missus because my book wasn't haemorrhaging pages when suddenly every page I turned fell away from the spine. It seems that the heat dries out the glue and it becomes entirely redundant. Which is annoying.

Our hotel is something of a hovel but it's still working it's strange charms on me. The noise from the air-conditioning starts off with a pleasant whirr but builds in five minute cycles into a deafening crescendo that conjures up a powerful sense of dread. Thankfully we brought left over ear-plugs from Oxegen. Back at that Kildare sludge-fest Lottie told me how she doesn't like to wear them because it made her "hear her own head", or words to that effect. I figured she was just suffering a wee bit of schizophrenia at the time, but I now know eactly what she means. Turns out the inside of my head has some really irritating bastards in it.

I'm taking this opportunity to sting the shit out of my over-chlorinated eyes in this smoky net cafe (they call it that but there doesn't seem to be much danger of getting a coffee here) and check up on my blog, but also to check those of others - those who keep me amused during the hours when I should be working/sleeping/making human friends. And I've discovered that Mary has finally got her own blog up and running at Invisible Toast. Mary is fucking deadly altogether in every way so if you haven't already seen her blog then get over there and say hi. Of course, if she starts getting more hits and comments than me our friendship will be severed. Not a nice severing either, I'll make sure it's hacked and gory.

Anyway, sure, no-one could really be that interested in what I'm up to on my holliers. I do have a good story or two to tell about a trip on a sailing boat down the Nile but it can't really be shared here so I'll leave it for another time. Little Miss also appears to be in Luxor by some strange coincidence so head over to her blog if you want to see what she's been up to. Nasty shenanigans, I'll warrant.

Time to get packed for a cruise tomorrow, then get some sort of an early night.

Be good.

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Anonymous said...

That's a pharoah way to go for a drop of sun. (sorry)

You'll be delighted to here the monsoon season has returned to Britain and Ireland...

Darragh said...

You and Little Miss should like totally try and meet up! You leave a comment on her blog, she leaves one on yours and you knwo, you could meet by the pool. I don't know though if you'd get on with her other half - from the way she describes him he sounds like a grumpy fecker, something you're not at all at all at all.

She, on the other hand, sounds hot.

(Hot! Geddit? Hot!!)

Darren said...

I'm glad to see you're doing what you're told. Also, it's good to read you're making the best of the awful heat - it wouldn't be for me at all.

Apparently there's severe flooding in Dublin at the mo. In Greystones the sun hasn't stopped shining - seriously, all night, I didn't get a wink of sleep.

Lottie said...

2 week holiday. Cruise. No work. You poor pet.

Now where did I leave that ounce of sympathy?

Anonymous said...

There's more backrubs in store for you Andrew when you get back ;-).
Now go back to your holidays and start enjoying them, think of us here in moonsoon season...

Anonymous said...

There's more backrubs in store for you Andrew when you get back ;-).
Now go back to your holidays and start enjoying them, think of us here in moonsoon season...

MJ said...

Stop blogging! You're on your jollies!!!

Anonymous said...

Darragh is right Andrew we should have met up...ah well!

Darragh I'm not sure I like how you're talking about my Mr. Sleepy but I will accept being called hot even if you are referring to temperature!

Andrew said...

Blazing- yes, yes I am delighted.

Darragh- I think he sounds awesome.

Darren - sleep is over-rated anyway.

Lottie - yeah, it was tough alright.

Mary - I look forward to them.

MJ - hmmm... it was a bit sad of me alright.I was truly impressed by your dedication to not blogging while you were away.

Little Miss - we should really have met up but Mr. Sleepy sounds like such a monumentally fearsome sex ninja that it's probably best that our paths didn't cross.

Anonymous said...

Ah Mr. Sleepy is only into women so you would have been safe :)