Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, the missus is the slowest packer in the world so I'm doing a little mental meandering here as I wait to be allowed go to bed.

My roguishly handsome dog went to see a shrink earlier to see if we could get some kind of a handle on his behavioural issues, or at least work out where they're coming from. I wouyld have thought it was obvious: He never even knew who his father was and his mother was a complete and utter bitch. from the age of about three (of his years) he was expected to fend for himself and figure out what the world was all about and where you can and can't piss. Then his balls were taken from him whilst he is constantly subjected to the sight of his masters scratching theirs.

I'd nip at strangers' ankles too in those circumstances.

It'll be strange not blogging for two whole weeks, it's become a wee bit addictive for me. I imagine I'll be sneaking into net caf├ęs now and ago for a quick look at what everyone else has been talking about and maybe even posting once or twice. Though it's just dawned on me that I've left my camera sitting in the glove compartment of my car in Wicklow (fuckity fuck!) so there's no chance of photos being added anyway. I don't tend to take too many shots while on holiday as I find it can get in the way of just actually having a good time, rather than recording other people doing so. Still, I'm pissed off about that now. Anyway, I think the point I wanted to make is that if you notice me writing too many posts or leaving heaps of comments on other blogs then please leave me a nice abusive comment instructing to get the hell away from the screen and back into the sunshine. I've already blogged about how sad I think it is when tourists blog their every move.

So, have fun and I'll talk to you all in a couple of weeks and hopefully not too much until then.

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Darren said...

Have a great holiday, Andy. I hope you'll be able to pop in to give us at least a couple of updates on your adventures.