Friday, August 29, 2008

Learn to be real

OK, while I'm in the mood for short wee posts with no particular merit to them, check this out.

Just ask yourself these questions:

"Are You Ready For Reality TV?
Every week thousands of people audition for Reality TV shows, the competition is fierce and the odds of making it past the first round of submissions are slim.
Do you know what it takes to get noticed?
And if you are fortunate enough to be called in, will you be able handle the pressure of this once in a lifetime opportunity?"

If you think the answer to any of these questions might just be 'no', then get yourself over to the New York Reality TV School right away and learn how to turn yourself into the kind of personality who will succeed on reality TV and make it through 'casting'.

Surely 'reality TV' and 'casting' in the same sentence ought to be a massive oxymoron.

I think I might leave the world now.

5 comment(s):

Lottie said...

Andrew - deep breath and slow down. I can't keep up with the reading today.

Oh and I have news that will make you sick with jealousy!

Annie said...


Annie said...

That was meant to say "hilarious". I'm not from Yorkshire.

Andrew said...

Lottie - did you also meet Giles from Buffy? Did you make sexy time with him and will tomorrow be gving birth to a twin-headed vampire slayer? Is that the news? Is it?
Because that doesn't really make me jealous at all. I'm a little repulsed, if anything.

Annie - you're right, you're not. You're from Wales, and that is so much nicer. On the eardrums, if nothing else.

JC Skinner said...

You think that's bad?
A chimp just got nominated for a literary award!
Truly civilisation is crumbling, my friend...