Monday, September 1, 2008

Stephen Lynch - comedy genius

Its Monday, and that is a very crap thing. it's amde even more crappy by the fact I don't have an Electric Picnic hangover to gripe cheerfully about. I wish I could sit here going "Ooh, My Bloody Valentine were so loud my ears are still ringing", and "Sigur Ros will change your life after two bags of mushrooms and a litre and a half of Jameson and coke." But I can't.

But it ain't all bad. Tonight I'm going to see Stephen Lynch at the Olympia. Lynch deserves to be extremely famous but I wouldn't even have heard of him if it wasn't for the fact that Darren and Lottie have seen every single video ever posted on Youtube. Twice. I imagine after his Irish shows he may start to gain a little more recognition here.

Here's my favourite song of his. Don't watch if you're in any way easily offended.

Tonight should be absolutely hilarious. Tickets are sold out this evening but are still available for the Tuesday show here. Well recommended. I'd be going again but I have to work tomorrow night.

Which brings us back to crapness.

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Lottie said...

I don't think I can contain my excitement until this evening.

Someone just compared me to a bunny on coke and it's a fairly accurate description of how ecstatic I am that it's finally Sept 1st!


Darragh said...

You're going too? And Lottie is as well?

Ah Jaysis, there goes my chances of being the only one to know all the words.

My favourite is Little Tiny Moustache. Always reminds me of Darren.

Or is that "While you're away"?

Andrew said...

Yup, I'll be there alright. But I've never got round to learning off the words because I want to be able to laugh spontaneously.

see you later, so.

Darren said...


B said...

"I've never got round to learning off the words because I want to be able to laugh spontaneously."
That's genius.

Stephen Lynch is huge... but me being the super-hip-Daniel-Kitson-loving-cool-indie-comedy-kid that I am may mean that my definition of huge is a lot smaller than others.

and my ears are still ringing after MBV, second from front beside Kevin with no earplugs!

Rosie said...

erm, Duffy will change your life after two bags of mushrooms and a litre and a half of Jameson and coke.

Sigur Ros made me cry.

Andrew said...

B - I think your definition of most things are different to other people's. I did a survey in a class of sixteen year-olds about stephen Lynch. one out of 25 had heard of him. Not exactly huge. Mind you, i would think his humour is best-suited to twenty-somethings. Although you, as always, are an exception B.

Rosie - actually I'd quite like ot have seen Duffy. And she looked hotter than I've ever seen her before in the Picnic photos I've seen.
There's a good chance you'd have been passing me the kleenex at Sigur Ros.

B said...

I actually hate Stephen Lynch, just didn't see the point of saying that.

1 out of 25 would be more than enough for me to call it huge. Videos with over a million views on youtube would be too.

Did Duffy have Bernard Butler playing?

Andrew said...

Oh B, you hate everything you little scamp! Perhaps my point about his humour being aimed at twenty somethings was correct, then. He did make a lot of references to 1994 last night and you would only have been 4 or something then.

B said...

I can make Milli Vanilli and MC Hammer jokes with the best of them, in fact I'd probably get older references than you would :P
Just don't like him, started hating him when people tried to tell me I didn't get it.

...cos I get everything.

Anonymous said...

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