Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fibreglass Links

Right, it's the weekend and no-one's really reading, but here's a few things I've been liking this week anyway.

First off, a new blog I stumbled across and felt pleased about: Bowerbird.
Good writing, great images and a nice take on things. What more can i say? Get there.

Secondly, you all know about the Anti-Room at this stage but why do I feel like the only bloke who comments there? It may be written by young ladies but I don't think it's exclusively for them. Or maybe it is and I'm just secretly a giant lesbian. That would be nice.

Bigger and better bloggers than me have given a nod in their direction before but I really love this post at All The Lights are Broken.
EDIT: Oops, I just linked to the site itself there, I meant this post.

Ooh, dinner's ready. That'll do.

6 comment(s):

Darragh said...

Lovely Andrew, nice one! Three new blogs I wasn't aware of to have a root around. Mercy buckets!

Was dinner nice?

Andrew said...

Yup. you didn't know about the Anti-Room, Darragh? How is that possible? They're only feckin' brilliant.

Lottie said...

I used to be a big reader of The Anti-Room but following Hurricane Darren hey were lost from my blog roll and I forgot to add them back in. Thanks for the reminder ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha "that would be nice" ha.

Anonymous said...

Fibreglass is so hot right now.

allthelightsarebroken said...

thanks man :)