Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snoop, Shaving, Bill Murray

Aided once again by the less-pervy-than-you-might-imagine Tony Fenton, last night threw an awful lot of bloggers together through the medium of hip-hop. I could link to them all but it takes fucking ages and shit and my throat really hurts today. The well-being of my throat is directly related to how much effort I put into blogging. Hence, feck all posts lately. Anyway, by the time I've finished writing this other people will probably have put their own takes on the evening up, with far more effect than I could manage. And they mostly had cameras. (There seems to have been a proliferation of shots of me looking pensive, which is interesting, given that my mind is rarely on anything loftier than Wham bars and why Chickatees taste so good when you eat then on a Saturday afternoon). Sadly, Snoop Dogg was truly muthafuckin' awful (muthafucka) so we went back to the pub and bonded over the more traditional medium of alcohol.

Fenton, Green Ink and Lottie all have lovely beards, and I was made to feel quite inferior for looking rather clean-cut. See, I have an excuse though: I had an interview on Monday for a grant that would cover my college fees for the year. I was inevitably interviewed by old people. Old people still tend to have very judgmental minds about hirsute faces, so I figured it best to reveal my baby-face, and smile a lot. I spent the entire interview convinced they could see right through me, that the blood on my collar would betray my face as one that is not accustomed to regular scrapings. But, word has reached me (officially confirmed by a call today at lunchtime) that I've been awarded the grant. You obviously can fool some of the people some of the time. So I'm calling it the 'five-grand shave'; at least until I can come up with something a little wittier.

Anyway, despite the general suckiness of Snoop a great night was had by all. I think.
Well, I had a great night and you're all rides, especially Darragh. The lovely Annie (the non-Welsh version has put her thoughts on the evening here. Given her continuous camera duels with the over-enthusiastic Fenton I expect a fairly epic post from everyone's favourite new blogger Green Of Eye, Little Miss will no doubt give us a slightly surreal take on the evening if she ever has the energy to be up late blogging again, and I expect the Bluebirds to be funny and to fully rip me to shreds for being an awful patronising bollocks for a while. Darren should be too busy masterminding our bloke-blogger (only) Bill Murray appreciation night to write anything.

No Broken Flowers allowed, apparently.

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Anonymous said...

But I thought it was agreed that if the girls drew fake mustaches (or is it moustache?) then we'd be allowed?

Come on, I can appreciate Bill Murray like the best of them!

PS Thanks again for the lift and thanks for putting up with my woeful directions :)

Andrew said...

You wouldn't make a convncing enough bloke my dear.

And you're very welcome, that part of Dublin looks particualrly lovely late at night.

By the way, would the title of this post look better if I dropped the commas?

red said...

Broken Flowers truly is awful and best left out of any appreciation evening.

Darren said...

I was going to ask for the comma removal, even before I read your comment.

I've been up to my eyes today, so haven't had time to post. I figured I'd just relive the night vicariously through your blog.

Andrew said...

Red - *whispers* I actually thought it was...not that bad. It starts off very well and then loses the plot a bit. And of course the ending is singularly unsatisfying, though that might have been the point. I reckon people just say it's awful because they expected so much more. As did I.

Darren - Christ, life is rough when you're reduced to reliving anything vicariously through my blog. I don't even have anjy pretty pictures FFS!

Darren said...

Ah, but you use such pretty words.

Anonymous said...

Red we seem to see eye to eye on films.

Lottie said...

Am I the only one who thought Snoop was fun? Boo Humbug to you all!

My beard is wonderful isn't it

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Well i had a blast...hey there was whiskey and a group of sound heads so i was happy out :) Snoop needs to stay home, put his slippers on and have his ladies make him a cup of tea.

The girlies may invade the BM night if you ain't careful....think the robert palmer addicted to love video meets Marlene Dietrich!!

I'm keen to stress that if you want to raise the surreal factor of the night by 10 then you need to add the non BM film 'El Topo'- it's like being on drugs without being on drugs

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Also CONGRATS on the grant! The puppydog look with smiling obviously works!

Andrew said...

Darren - Yes, I do.

Green Ink - Yes, you do.

Lottie - Yes, it is.

Mar - Yes, there was. Yes, he should.

And thank you :)

B said...

i feel so disconnected from the whole blogging world now that i'm involved in the real one again

Anonymous said...

Chriost I'm waaaaaaaaaay too hungover to try being witty here.

Yiz are all rides.

Rick O'Shea said...

And Darren and I very drunkenly last night decided girls are definitely allowed if they dress as boys, we shall be in tuxedos, of course.

He even let me sniff his Suntory....

Andrew said...

B - please tell me you don't think that is something worth complaining about?

Rick - erm, Darren's been asking me to sniff his 'Suntory' for years now. At least i think that's what he's saying.