Thursday, September 11, 2008

Filled With Milky Goodness

I've overdone it a wee bit in recent times with the memery but here's one that only good things and hilarity can come out of:

At this stage you've all seen Annie's startlingly great pictures of Rosie wallowing in a bath of milk here and here.

But have you seen Billy's tribute to them? This had me doing a serious amount of LOLing and ROFLing and all that kind of nonsense when I saw it. So the meme that Billy has started is to photograph yourself in the bath with milk. You can put your own slant on it, it just needs to involve a bath and milk.

Everyone reading this should consider themselves tagged but in particular I want to put out a nudge towards:

Anto. Might be a bit late notice to make it this week's Friday photo, but you've plenty of time to get it ready for next week.

Lottie. I see you as the kind of lady who would enjoy bathing in milk anyway. Well, I haven't seen you in a bath of milk, but you know what I mean.

Green Ink. You could surely come up with a brilliant interpretation.

Mulley. Damien, the people (i.e. me) have spoken and what they want is less about Twitter being good for business and such things, and more pictures of you, in a bath, with milk. Try it and see.

Right, thanks to Billy for getting a cracking idea started. Everyone should give this one a go.

My effort(s) will hopefully be ready and posted sometime over the weekend.

23 comment(s):

B said...

best you'll get from me is a photo of my foot in a basin of expired milk

Andrew said...

That would do nicely B.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting blog-speriment.

That's the weirdest statement i've ever made.

Annie said...

Great idea. I cannot WAIT to see the pictures.

I want to take lots of picture of bloggers with their clothes off. In an artistic way, of course. Contact me, people, if you want to take part.

Damien Mulley said...

@Annie Shame it has to be artistic ;)

@drew Another time

Lottie said...

Andrew, surely you have to submit your own photo first.

I would love to participate but alas I only have a shower. Maybe I could do one on a similar theme to Billys.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Dagnammit,i live in a bathless house..i try to seal the shower off but methinks it won't have quite the same effect!

Rosie said...

not having a bath is no excuse, kids... that wasn't my bath in the photo.

Darren said...

You're a funny fecker, my boy. I don't own a bath. Perhaps I could come around to yours and you could take pictures of me?

While we're doing that, we could also do the milk-in-bath meme.

Andrew said...

Rosie is right, not having a bath does NOT permit anyone to get out of this one.

Annie - I'd volunteer but we have certain obscenity laws in ireland that the photos would be bound to contravene.

Damien - you disappoint me.

Greenofeye - just do it anyway. I think milk in shower is a perfectly acceptable substitute.

Lottie - you're right, ideally I'd have had my photo up to go with it but I haven't had the time or the facilities to do it yet.

Darren - sounds like a splendid way to while away an evening. Let's forget about the meme though, some things are too special to share with the world.

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Hehe, I like this idea! Those photos of Rosie were supahot, I'd love to do something like that!

Lottie said...

Kitty - We should just organise a giant blogger orgy sorry photo shoot, flood the canal with detol to turn it white whip everything off.

All for arts sake of course.

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Well, Lottie if it's for ort's sake then how could I possibly refuse! I'll bring sandwiches.

Andrew said...

Dettol is a bit smelly, I'll just bring a shitload of milk.

Billy said...

Wow, I'm impressed this is getting off the ground. I can't wait to see the pictures. What have I wrought?

Rosie said...

indeed, Billy.

i'll be very upset if anyone outdoes Annie's effort. for a whole day there i felt speshul.

Annie said...

Eh. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

I'd need help, but I think a photo of me face down in milky tea is the nearest you are going to get me to a bath of milk.

I pass the dairy lorries too often to want to clean up that mess.

@Annie don't tell me this is planned for the blog awards?

Annie said...

Great idea, can't wait

She Likes It Loud said...

F'excellent. I did mine ( I must warn you, I'm just wearing skin and am not half as succulent as Billy. Do let us know of any links to other photos.

Anonymous said...

Blogger orgies is it now? Blorgies?

Anonymous said...

How the hell did I miss all this? Milky bath eh?

sexy said...