Friday, July 25, 2008

Fibreglass Links

Just saw that Mulley has been challenging people to come up with their own fluffy links, as he's been travelling.
That wouldn't generally be my kind of thing, but I do like to point people in the direction of new and newish blogs, as that's what they need to get going. I've certainly benefitted greatly (and continue to benefit) from getting a push here and there from other bloggers with a larger readership.

So to that end, I will once again usher you in the direction of Little Miss at Slyscribe. She's recently written some very good posts about some of my favourite subjects, such as insomnia, fudge, frustration at job interviews, and, erm...periods. Which is nice. Or not, apparently.

My favourite way of finding new blogs is to click on the URLs left by commenters on the various blogs I read whose pages I'm not familiar with, particularly if I like the way they've expressed their opinion. It was by doing that very thing on Bryan Mukandi's blog that I discovered Narocroc. His/her inaugural post reminded me a bit of my own, but i noticed that they had written it in January and then never followed up with a second one. I figured if they needed to take six months or so to get their thoughts in order then the following posts were bound to be good. And, after a quick kick up the arse, Narocroc has decided to write more. It's early days, but I can generally tell if I like the cut of someone's gib or not. And I think they'll make a fine sailor.

Also, she really doesn't need my help in any way, but Annie's blog is absolutely terrific right now. And she's nice about mine, which makes it even better.

Then check out Lottie's blog before her rapidly impending URL change, after which we're all going to have to pretend we don't know her real name any more. It's Liz everyone, LIZ. She doesn't like Elizabeth. Or Lizzie. Or Shitface. Funny girl.
I'll say no more so she doesn't poison my cocktails on Saturday.

Hope you enjoy those.

Fibreglass links: Like fluffy ones, but more painful when you rub them on your face.

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Darragh said...


I didn't want to be in your stoopid fibreglass links anyhow, andy pandy sugar and candy.

It's not only Lottaroo that may poison your cocktails Saturday!

Lottie said...

Thanks Andrew. "Shitface" is actually growing on me. You can now drink you cocktails with peace of mind that they haven't been spiked.

Annie's blog is one of my favourites but it has one MAJOR flaw.

She doesn't post every day or twice a day.

She's my first port of call every morning and when she hasn't updated, I am forced to read the latest post over and over again. It's just not on!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to be fibreglassed! Thank you Andrew. I have an appointment with the doc later fibreglass really is a bitch to get out. I'm red-faced, swollen and smiling :)

Anonymous said...

On 17th August 2002 Andrew discovered a new entrance to the enchanted land of Narnia. He smoked crack with some badgers, impregnated a wood-nymph and fecked off.

I think I was there the following night. Dear God it was quiet...

Annie said...

Thank you very much, that was nice.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Andrew, thanks for the fibreglass goodness. Much appreciated.