Thursday, July 3, 2008


Goddammit, i can't find my iPod. This is not good.

I lost one before by leaving it on a bus to Kilkenny. Which is why the mention of that place still makes me a little sad, despite some recent very positive experiences there - which someone else has blogged about far better than I could.

I'm driving my bro to the airport tomorrow for an interview at a ridiculously early hour of the day and am likely to be doing a lot of hanging around. I need the fucking thing.

My music collection is now spread across two computers so reloading it all would be long and painful.

Bet I left it in my car and some little fucker grabbed it before I had the thing locked.

Mr. Apple, if you're reading this I promise to rave about iPods every day for the next six months if you'll give me a free one. Both my readers are very suggestible.

I know, "it'll be in the last place I look", etc.

7 comment(s):

Lottie said...

Both your reader? Don't you mean your vast following of devotees?

Anonymous said...

It's past your bedtime!

Lottie said...

I agree with anonymous. She's a very wise blond haired woman.

Rosie said...

i didn't so much lose my i-pox as drop it on its head. i wonder if i promised to be more careful and to call it i-pod would they send me a freebie too?

Anonymous said...

Have you considered cashing in on your newfound celebrity status- you could do a whole slew of chancing my arm merchandise;
tshirts, mugs, keyrings, autographed photos, maybe even a premium newsletter or a video blog which your devotees could subscribe to for say 14.99 a month.
Oh fairplay on getting the new job.

Andrew said...

Celebrity status?

Not so sure about that Seano but it's never too soon to cash in. Expect a full range of Chancing My Arm baked goods and perhaps some form of tinned soup. I'm gonna start bigging up Club Orange in a major way soon so they'll hopefully put my url all over their bottles. That would be nice.

Lottie said...

Maybe you could start off by endorsing some charity wristbands.?